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The Strike Team Level 2 Application


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^[alt text]
Current level: 1
Our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/4QV2bZtRGs
Squad Color Code: 000066
Squad Money 50.000.000 $
Squad Panel The-Strike-Team
Squad Tag [TST]<NICK>[RANK] for applicants [TST-A]<NICK>
Media Archive https://saesrpg.uk/topic/26411/tst-the-strike-team-media-archive/25?page=1

alt text
16 November 2011, 10 pm, It was a rainy night in Los Venturas, exactly, north, in a Donut shop, 2 officers had a shift going on, they passed by a donut shop to get some food to eat on the road, Everything went in a cool way, they were welcomed inside the shop and got the earned respect as law services, suddently a van full of criminals parked in front of the shop's door, fellas jumped out wearing ski masks and armed with really dangerous weapons, they entered the shop and yelled with ''STAY ON THE FUCKING GROUND AND DON'T MAKE A MOVE'' of course none of the criminals knew that there were two cops inside the cops which did the same as other civillians, one of the new wannabe's noticed them, he was armed with a pistol 9mm, and as a reflex coming from him, he immediatly shot both of the officers in knee and the stomach, Robbery stopped and everyone went back to the van after the alert has been activated, few seconds later sirens became louder and louder, Ambulances and cops were here so they immediatly took both of Zane Jackson and Thomas Broadford to the hospital, Their health were bad because they have lost a lot of blood, but after 2 months they finally took their good health back and decided to come back to their regular life after getting rewarded for getting shot inside a robbery and resking their lifes.

In the the 8th month of 2016, a lot of crimes happened in Los Venturas, most of them ended with a lot of victims and lost money, people started to feel unsafe, Gangs were rollling around Los Venturas, and many were created such as Motor Cycle Clubs, Street gangs and all, Officer Zane Jackson and Officer Thomas Broadford were still on the Police services, they decided to open an investigation considering this problem that is threating the city, They have invited some of their trusted and experienced partners into this case and told them what they were about to do consedering this, they took their equipments and decided to start the work.
The crew has been well presented and stopped a lot of crimes in Los Venturas, as an advantage, crime rate went down and city became less dangerous than before, thanks to these trusted cops.

16 November 2019, after having a lot of work with this team, the crew had a name which was ''THE STRIKE TEAM'', they were composed of professional and trained agents, in the 16's night of November 2019, the fellas stopped to get something to drink, but before leaving the car, Officer Thomas Brandford has noticed that a van was parked near the store, the area was very quite, he kept starring at the Car's template, it was very familiar to him, color, model and all those stuffs, memories came inside his head and he suddently cut what Officer Vigi Tovgo (The Strike Team Member) was saying and said ''Get your weapons and let's go'' everyone in the crew kept looking at him in a very strange way, he repeated what he said and they finally did what he has ordered, They immediatly rushed inside the store and yes, what officer Thomas Expected was true, the same guys that shot them 8 years ago are robbing this store, ''DROP YOUR WEAPONS'' Call was said but none responded so shots everyone started shooting, robbers were 6 while The Team was composed of 5 members, the job was easy, by taking cover and having an excellent accurency, Strike Team has succeeded with taking down all of them, none of the cizitens that were inside the store got injured, an ambulance was called and took the robbers to a fedral hospital, in the end of the day, Zane Jackson and Thomas Bradford announced that they will make a party, every Member of ''The Strike Team'' a speech was made and they have announced that Strike team in back on action!
alt text

The Strike Team ''TST'', is a group of professional cops based on a lot of things, most important roles are, Rushing In Jail Breaks, Raiding Bank Robberies and Stopping them, Raiding Crime Organisations bases and more...
As a most important Secondary thing, The Strike Team have opened a specialised units for those who are getting trained and better day by day, more units to come further in the future.

alt text
-Top Commander / Leader ( level 8 )

This is the leader of the squad, he will look at the financial things, will look for
properties and operates everything.

-Vice Leader / Vice Commander (level 7)

This is the leaders right hand.

-Sub Commander (Level 6 )

This is the leaders 3rd hand, he has been a HQ for a long time and is one of the head HQs.

-HQ Team (Level 5)

They are the veterans of the squad. They are loyal and searching for potential members, they have ability to promote and kick/invite/warn. They will watch the members.

COM < -Commander (Level 4)

This is the guy between HQs and members and they are making sure everyone knows what to do and when to do. They are also able to test applicants.

AM < -Academy Manager (Level 3)

They are commanders's Assistants and their main job is keeping team in order.

RO <-Raiding Operator (Level 2)

You are the one who manages every raid the crew can do.

RA < Raiding Agent (Level 1)

Since you have reached this rank, your new job is to be the ''Raiding Operator'' right hand, you need to assist him in everything he does.

SA < Special Agent (Level 1)

Special Agents are those who have finished their tasks and became full members, these members are now able to make trainings for new Cadets.

AATC < Academy Agent Third Class (Level 1)

AASC < Academy Agent Second Class(Level 1)

AAFC < Academy Agent First Class < Private (Level 1)

They are the newest members after the probation who haven't recieved ranking yet.

AA < Academy Agent (level 0)

This is the probation time, here you will learn all the tactics and rules you need. Probation time is 2 weeks.

-After the Recruit, all ranks are promotion only and promotions are up to HQ Team.

alt text

General / Leader
:turkey: [TST]Mixpeko[G] (mix1458)

Vice Commander/ Major General

:tunisia: [TST]Scaletta[MG] (midoprock) PC

Sub Commander (Leader of HQ Team)

:denmark: [TST]Kilios[SC] (lion1221)

HQ Team
:germany: [TST]Dinokiller[HQ] (dinokiller)
:tunisia: [TST]Golden[HQ] (mastahand)


Academy Manager
:turkey: [TST]Joe[AM] (bruh2)

Raiding Operator

Raiding Agent
:algeria: [TST]Badrou[RA]

SGT-SSC [Sergeant-Sergeant Second Class-Sergeant First Class]

AAFC-AASC-AATC[Academy Agent First Class-Academy Agent Second Class-Academy Agent Third Class]
:turkey: [TST]Rumahoy[AAFC] (sinanbaba)
:turkey: [TST]PANZER[AAFC] (mehmet0352)
:dominican_republic: [AASC]Rainer02[PVT] (rainer02)
:turkey: [TST]Doctor[AAFC] (ceyhunceycey)
:croatia: [TST]Tovgo[AAFC] (vigi)

Academy Agent
:estonia: [TST]Kristofer[AA] (kristofer14)
:united_states: [TST]Knight[AA] (Knight9742)
:south_africa: [TST]Dushen[AA] - PC

[TST]John<VTN> @John

:turkey: @Lahuma

:germany: @hessan210
:chile: @Latinoo
:turkey: @nCov

Total Members: 15

Total ProCops: 2

Inactive Members: 0

alt text

**~[Part 1 / About you]~(navy)**

**Ingame Name:**
**Languages Speaken:**
**Have you ever been kicked/banned from the server ? / if yes why?**
**Have you ever been kicked from a Gang/squad ? / if yes why?**
**Tell Us something about yourself in a short paragraphe:**

**~[Part 2 / In Game Informations]~(navy)**

**How long have you been playing MTA?**
**How long have you been playing on SAES?**

**What are the things you are good at in the game and as a cop:**
**What are the things you want to improve your self at:**

**Are you in any RP groups?:**
**Do you have PC (Procop membership)?:**

**~[Part 3 / Questions about your qualifications/ Rules Knewledge.]~(navy)**

**In your OWN words, Describe what does roleplaying mean to you and tell us if it is necessarty or not:**
**What does /me Stand for?**
**What does /do Stand for?**
**Why do we need to TeamWork:**

**What would you do if you are chasing someone and he killed himself arrest?**
**What would you do if someone came and asked you for a bribe?**
**Someone Shoots/ kills you:**
**What to do if Someone from our squad with a higher gives you an order:**
**What does marker arrest mean?:**
**A cop / Player insults you and threats you, Would you kill him for that? if not what is the best solution?:**

**~[Part 4 / Additional Questions.]~(navy)**

**Did any TST member suggest you to apply? Who?**
**Before applying to this squad, did you meet any TST member / patrol with a member ? if yes name them / him:**
**Why especially TST, are We different from the other squads in your opinion?:**
**Give us atleast one good reason to accept you:**

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