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The biggest deal in Lounge history!


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A week ago the biggest deal in Lounge history has occurred as @Ferthis purchased all shares of @Velo for $320,000,000.

Under the terms, Mr. Ferthis now owns 8% of company's equity and joins the Board of Directors. This deal also raises Lounge's post-money valuation to $4,000,000,000 which is the record in server and company's history.

Note that, the highest equity purchase deal until this date was $80 Million by @Sam-B

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As a CFO and Co-founder of the company it is an honor for me to experience such a milestone together with the team. There is no doubt why all other shareholders voted "yes" for @Ferthis and we all believe he is another trustworthy person which will bring our company forward.

His donations from last year proved how much he believes in the idea and cares the entertainment of the server. I am personally happy to welcome him on board and looking forward working with him together on great ideas.

It is now our job to prove that he made the right decision by investing not just in the company but also the whole team of Lounge VC :)

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