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The Blood Brothers MC


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~[Blood Brothers MC : History]~(black,maroon)
Everybody can have a logic in this life but not as much as the blood brothers who begun a new era of justice, Lets talk about the old days when poverty was a crime and dirt controlled the small streets of San Andreas, The era, where drinking in the bars until getting drunk was there 1 way out of all these problems. This location was the witness of a new law's brith where 3 brothers met and shared some opinions to start from 0 in one of their wine sessions.

They had a comman point , no one of them had something left to live for or any priviledges, So they found in anarchy something that politics and religion couldnt give to them, they found life. Indeed they called people from everywhere to raise the flag of a new organisation with the name of ~[Blood Brothers MC]~(black,maroon) But after they had the number the 3 brothers were thinking about something missing something that can relate all these hungry,dirty smelling,poor people Thats how they created the motto of the organisation ''~[If you dont use a gun, you will die as none]~(black,maroon)''

After days of trainning they made their first attack on the jail, maybe people are asking why they started from this place, why they didnt attack a bank for money. The answer was simple because they didnt found all of that for money but for freedom and life. people see them as criminals because they support ACAB term but they are more like guardian angels although they are murderers. If you had the chance to ask one of them why they did that jailbreak he will simply answer ''who judged them and who has the power to jail them''

Their number became bigger more people were joining day after day the crew and got recruited to shoot,defend and fight but the most important was the art of negociating especially with their dealings

Everything was good until a crew of cops raided on one of their activities, and unfortuatly one of the brother got jailed, therefor the 2 others couldnt hide their anger and adverted all members to regroup in middle of the old bar's square where they met for the first time. The speech given was epic, everybody was motivated and ready with armor and riffles from all types (m4,sniper,shoutguns) they followed each other in a bikers cortege never seen ever since the foundation of the group and invaded the police departement many died including the 3 brothers.

Their death was their end but not as everybody thought it wasnt also the end of what they made. Thats why the members were regrouped again after months with a lust in their souls still existing until today to take their revenge for what happened to their leaders one day.
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~[Blood Brothers MC : Roleplay]~(black,maroon)
The 3 brothers were in origin Alcohool dealers which is the main job of the gang but the gang is based on morals like freedom and life so we are focusing on jailbreaks and getting people out of jail so they can do something more important with the time they could lose there also we are an arms dealing gang and controlling the market with our powerful dealers that can be found anywhere; Therefor no shipements or exchanges can happen whithout the knowledge of our superiors or their permission. In addition we are a drug dealing gang but in a limited way we see that drugs can be sold only for old mature people and never to children Indeed we can have bigger recruits in the futur. More to say that we kill people that deserve death for money (for example : cops,politicians, religion priest that were part in corruptions). In the end our war is mainly against cops so we focus on killing them in all our robberies although we are savage with ennemies in turfs.
~[Final List of our roleplay :]~(black,maroon)
Arms and drug dealing

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~[Gang Tag:]~(black,maroon) [BBMC]Name|Rank or [BBMC]Name[Rank]

~[Gang Panel:]~(black,maroon) The_Blood_Brothers_MC

~[Gang Cash:]~(black,maroon) 20.000.000$

~[Motto:]~(black,maroon) ~[If you dont use a gun, you will die as none]~(black,maroon)

~[Gang Level:]~(black,maroon) 0

~[Color Code:]~(black,maroon) #FF0000

~[Gang Created On:]~(black,maroon) 13.03.2021

~[Total Members:]~(black,maroon) 8

~[Inactive Members:]~(black,maroon) 0
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Coming soon...
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~[The President / (5)]~(black,maroon)
( The person in charge of the organisation ) ~[(Recruitment Team)]~(red)

~[The Vice President: / (4)]~(black,maroon) ~[(Recruitment Team)]~(red)
( The right hand of president, he is the second most powerful person in the organisation and he has the right to order.Also he replaces the president in his absense )

~[The Assistant Vice President: / (4)]~(black,maroon) ~[(Recruitment Team)]~(red)
( The person who can replace the president and vice president )

~[Veteran / (4)]~(black,maroon)
( The people he were in the organisation since the begin and have such knowledge to rool under ranks. )

~[Headquarters / (3,4)]~(black,maroon) ~[(Recruitment Team)]~(red)
( Dealing with new come hangarounds inside the club. In other words recruiting managers. )

~[Secretary / (3)]~(black,maroon)
(He is the person who organize informations,opinions and suggestion then inform his superiors )

~[Treasurer / (3)]~(black,maroon)
( As you see in his name he is the person with all money rights )

~[Chaplain / (3)]~(black,maroon)
( We can say he is the person related to society and the approach of the organisation with society)

~[Sergeant at Arms / (2)]~(black,maroon)
( He share arms and sell it between members also he has the abillitie to order in wars and activities)

~[Enforcer / (2)]~(black,maroon)
( He is a person with much knowledge to teach members and prospect )

~[Members / (1)]~(black,maroon)
( The organisation soldiers to simplify their role )

~[Prospect: (0)]~(black,maroon)
( People accepted in the organisation but still in their recruitement period )
~[Blood Brothers MC : Roster Picture]~(black,maroon)
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~[Blood Brothers MC : Media Archive]~(black,maroon)
You can find in the media archive all the news about our activities; This is the direct link to media
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~[Blood Brothers MC : Discord]~(black,maroon)
Here you can contact HQs and members (in case of reports or colaborations) here
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~[Blood Brothers MC : Members]~(black,maroon)
~[Grade 5]~(black,maroon)

~[Grade 4]~(black,maroon)

~[Grade 3]~(black,maroon)

~[Grade 2]~(black,maroon)

~[Grade 1]~(black,maroon)

~[Grade 0]~(black,maroon)

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~[Blood Brothers MC : Members picture and movie (The day of foundation)]~(black,maroon)
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~[What we are looking for as BBMC HQs]~(black,maroon)
Our Requirements weren't that hard when we started our work, fotuatly we had a long ride to see the circumstances change and our need to better quality members became a fact, Indeed make sure you are consious of what you are about to do while filling our dear application because it depends on your loyalty and potential furthermore ~[who you are]~(maroon).

Good Luck
BBMC HQ team.

~[Answer Status]~(black,maroon)
~[Accepted :]~(lime) if you get this statu that means you are one of us
~[Pending]~(orange) if you get this statu you need to prove yourself more
~[Denied]~(red) if you get this statu that means you are not ready for the gang
but you still have chances to join depends on the comments you will get
~[Under review]~(gray) if you get this statut that means we need more time to judge you

Recruitment: ~[OPEN!]~(lime)

~[Application Format]~(black,maroon)

First Part
Account Name:
Primary Language:
Secondry Language(s):
For how long have you been playing SAES? :
How many hours have you spent in server? (Use TAB):
Which G/S/C have you been in? :
Why did you leave (get kicked) from your previous G/S/C? :
Have you ever been kicked/banned by any admin? If yes, why? :
Third Part
What is your motivation to join BBMC? :
What can you bring to the gang? :
Did anyone suggest you to apply for BBMC? If yes mention who

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