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Good day everyone. Me, alongside some partners they being @Versace @Snome and @MrSolrac we have created this Ranking which was quite requested by some gang members. In fact, It was something that was required to create an environment of competitiveness around us the "Gang members", However, Without these fellas, it wouldn't have been possible to accomplish so quickly, We had to take a look at all the guys who were possible candidates for this.

BR'ing has been one of the gameplay of SAES for a long time, and with it comes great and bad times where the crackers need to overcome the adversity given, so that's the reason for which We've decided to create this Top, to motivate ourselves the criminal side.

This will work this way: Each month the table will be having updates, We'll see if in the future we could add rewards to it as for now it'll stay this way.

If you are a Cracker and you've come your way up, don't doubt on pm'ing some of our Management dudes, <the guys mentioned above >.

Without any further to say, Here we have the TOP 20 Most active/efficient crackers.

alt text

Gang's leading table <Crackers-count & Efficiency>:

@The_Outfit - Top 1 - 7 - 12
@Tuga-Thugs Top 3 - 11 - 13
@Black-Bullets Top 16 - 17 -20
@Organization-Zero Top 4 - 5
@JUMBO-Klan Top 8 - 9
@The-Company Top 6 - 19
@Generation-X Top 15 - 18
@Hell-Soldiers Top 2
@CripZ Top 10
@Underground-Empire Top 14

Kind Regards ~ Cracker's Leaderboard - Management Team.

Sidenote: <IMPORTANT> If you been inactive/away and we haven't noticed you, and you have more than any of those guys at the top 20, contact a Manager and you must wait for the next update which happens every 30th of each month.

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