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MIT - Level 4 Application


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Squad Name : MIT - Military Intelligence Team
Squad Panel name : MIT
Squad Motto : Intelligenti Pro Patria , "Intelligence for the Homeland"
Squad Color : ~[264696]~(#264696)

Squad Founders : Polat and Sollozzo
Squad Founding Date : May 4th, 2020
Squad Balance : ~[]~(red) $90 millions (January 2021)
Squad Level : 3 - Official
Squad Tag : MIT|"Nick"
Squad Branch : San Andreas Police - State Police

Recruitment status : ~[OPEN]~(green)

Squad Media Archive 2021 : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/23402/mit-media-archive-2021
Squad Old Media Archive 2020 : https://saesrpg.uk/topic/18484/mit-media-archive
Squad Discord : https://discord.gg/MDCkWCb

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In 2019, an over-explosion of the crime rate and terrorist acts was observed. A significant number of criminals and terrorists are on the territory of San Andreas and roam freely in every corner of the region.

Panic is felt and the police are no longer effective enough to effectively fight crime. To ensure the internal security and financial structures, unique tools and techniques have been brought together to create the Military Intelligence Team.

The MIT, founded just in 2020 by a former customs officer Polat, is intended to bring more to the police units, by adding a special feature, the study and targeting specific criminals.

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The missions of MIT are in principle the study, observation and arrest of criminals with responsibilities and abilities. In particular on the arrest of those who manage a criminal organization planning to commit an act or having high capacities compared to other criminals. Therefore MIT works entirely on the deterrence of criminal acts by cutting the management of a criminal organization.

  • Study and track the criminals responsible for attacks on financial institutions.

  • Having a presence in urban and rural areas where the police presence is weak.

  • Intelligence, espionage and infiltration of criminal associations.

  • Military intelligence techniques and application in the field. Militarization of Police

  • Protect the financial and economic structures of the State.

  • Study and focus on the fearsome criminals capable of cracking financial building security codes.

  • Study terrorist risks and track them down.

  • Have significant knowledge in economic intelligence and real estate re-acquisitions.

  • Fight against the Informal economy and the acquisition of illegitimate resources.

  • Create a universal electronic criminal record file system and a description of each criminal identified in organized crime.

2 units have been planned in the MIT. The Intervention Unit and the Intelligence Unit. The Intervention Unit is planned for the first grades capable of intervening ordered by the Intelligence Unit, grade with responsibility, which will study and mobilize human resources.

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Our vision of San Andreas being MIT is completely new. Police militarization is applied, discipline must prevail, and above all the study and the taking of time. Be sure of our plan, make sure to perform the right maneuvers, provide the right information to law enforcement, be there where the police are not. Reinvest in real estate used by criminals as a spawn close to financial institutions. Cut the criminal management.

Bring to San Andreas a whole new pledge of quality and professionalism never seen before.

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Our Base / Head Office is located at the old Las Venturas Stadium.
With a large space, with several carparks, a training ground, offices, an air traffic control station. The base financed by leadership allows effective management of the equipment and vehicles available.

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The hierarchy of MIT is divided into two parts, the first for the intervention units and the second for the intelligence units, previously mentioned. This hierarchy allows officers to evolve and access positions of responsibility and show their loyalty and dedication to MIT. MIT encourages each member to progress to positions of responsibility.

Intelligence Ranks :

~[Leader L]~(green) - Level 10

  • The legal responsible of the team, approves the suggestions and gives the decisions. It is the highest rank of MIT.

~[Secretary of Leader - Vice Leader VL]~(green) - Level 9

  • Personal secretary to the leader, spokesperson for MIT, Ensures the quality, professionalism and visual aspects of the squad. Support the leader and guide him towards new opportunities. He is the acting leader during his absence. Chief of staff.

~[HeadQuarter HQ]~(green,#264696) - Level 8

  • Manages administration and responds to requests. He heads the human resources. He can promote, demote, warn and kick members.

~[Special Guard SPEC]~(red,black) - Level 7

  • They are the most loyal agents. Ensures the personal safety of the leader, can only be managed by the leader or the secretary. They are not part of the administration and not subordinate to the HQ. They are involved in assassination, intimidation, criminal infiltration and extra-judicial executions missions.

~[Sub HeadQuarter sHQ]~(green,#264696) - Level 6

  • Support and assistant of the HQ. He replaces the HQ during his absence.

Intervention Ranks :

~[Colonel COL]~(#264696) - Level 5

  • Head of intervention units, organizes action plans and makes a weekly report of the unit. His level and experience in the field must be very high

~[Major M]~(#264696) - Level 4

  • Replaces the head of intervention unit during his absence. He organizes training and learns new techniques. From this rank, the member must be able to justify his experience by spawning State Trooper.

~[Captain CPT]~(#264696) - Level 3

  • He knows the techniques and knows how to behave. To reach this rank he must have spent more than a month in the team and show his strength.

~[Second First Class SFC]~(#264696) - Level 2

  • The administration knows his talent and his personality, he intervenes effectively in the field.

~[Private First Class PFC]~(#264696) - Level 1

  • He has passed his probationary period and ready to operate in the field. He is officially a member of MIT.

~[Recruit - Probationnary (*)]~(#779cbd,#264696) - Level 0

  • He passed the first integration tests. He must show his abilities for 1 week. He is not considered as a member of MIT.

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alt text

January 2021 Update


Intelligence Ranks :

Leader L - Level 10

Secretary of Leader - Vice Leader VL - Level 9

HeadQuarter HQ - Level 8

  • Vacant Position

Special Guard SPEC - Level 7

Sub HeadQuarter sHQ - Level 6

  • Vacant Position

Intervention Ranks :

Colonel COL - Level 5

Major M - Level 4

  • Vacant Position

Captain CPT - Level 3

Second First Class SFC - Level 2

Private First Class PFC - Level 1


alt text
Rules are the foundation of a successful organization. As mentioned in the section, Vision, we seek excellence and absolute professionalism. And those who do not invest themselves effectively in their role as MIT cannot be admitted among us. Attention: These rules may change, updating you is mandatory.

Rule 1

Play your role to the fullest, in an excellent and professional manner. You must always do Roleplay in first. Respect the hierarchy and every person. Be discreet in public. Avoid using the mainchat and do not respond to any provocations. Be courteous, Hello, Thank you, Goodbye.

The absolute subordination of members to the hierarchy characterized by the performance of a mission under the authority of a member who has the power to give orders and directives, to control the execution and sanction the breaches of his subordinate. Subordination is officially recognized as the organizational chart of the Official page.

Rule 2

Read the server rules HERE or directly in the game by pressing F1. These rules are essential and anyone with shortcomings cannot be admitted.

Rule 3

Do not patrol alone if there are officers available.

Leaving a collective activity supervised, intended and timed by at least one Major (3) is strictly prohibited. Except for urgent and administrative missions with the server.

Rule 4

It is strictly forbidden to arrest players under 5 stars. Always privilege tough criminals. Let the criminals 5 seconds to react for your RP ask.

Rule 5

If you meet several criminals and you cannot cope, use the lethal weapon on the weakest criminals.

Rule 6

Deathmatching, Mark Kill, Marker Arrest, Park Kill and Park Arrest is strictly prohibited. Ramming on criminals is highly discouraged. MIT tolerates this type of action only once against a criminal. Ramming on a criminal more than once is prohibited.

Rule 7

The rank evolution is done through a review of your position and your efforts. MIT is looking for the most loyal and professional members. The request for a promote is strictly prohibited.

Rule 8

Do not arrest at Hospital and in Events. If someone escapes to an event wait for them to come out. Do not be AFK at Hospital, leave the area immediatly.

Rule 9

Spawned as cop, always wear your tag MIT| unless you are in RP. HQ and sHQ members must always wear the rank tag at the end of their name.

Rule 10

The expected efforts must be concentrated mainly for MIT and the San Andreas Police Department, prolonged activity on missions unrelated to MIT is prohibited. MIT exceptionally tolerates spawn as criminal for short periods of time. The transfer of personnel to a different / allied entity is only possible for members of the Major rank (4) for a limited period of 24 hours.

Rule 11

Failure to comply with these rules and the server rules results in a warning point. For intervention units, kick is automatic after 2 warn points. For Intelligence Unit, automatic retrograde to Intervention Units (CPT) after 2 points, the third point results in an automatic kick. The slightest error of recruits/probationnaries results in an automatic kick.

All the rules cited are extracts from the General Regulations of MIT, they apply to all members and all candidates, they may be subject to derogations, modification, additions and without notice, voted by the HQs and / or produced by the leadership. Some rules doesn't apply for Special Guards

alt text
To keep the traceability and transparency of our members, people wishing to join us must fill out the following form and reply on this topic :

**MIT - Application Form**
**Account name**:
**English skills (1-10)**:
**Discord ID**:

**How long do you play SAES:RPG**:
**How much in-game hours do you have**:

**Do you have Procop Diploma**:
**Previous Gang/Squad/Company**:
**Actual group membership**:

**State, if you have, your last punishments**:
**Have you ever been banned before**:

**Read the MIT rules and explain them in detail:**
**Explain Rule 3**:
**Explain Rule 4**:
**Explain Rule 6**:
**Explain Rule 8**:

**Why do you want to join us ?**:

Minimum requirements to apply :

  • Have more than 150 hours ingame, except derogation

  • Easily understand and express English

  • Understanding the server rules and the squad rules

  • Be at least 14 years old, except derogation

  • Have significant experience in the police

  • Not have applied for any TSG for 14 days

  • Not to have been subject to punishment (adminjail / ban) in the last 10 days, except derogation

Application Process :

  1. Verify if you are not blacklisted in the official blacklist

  2. Fill the form bove and reply under this topic

  3. Wait an answer from MIT HQ members

  4. If you are invited to take the tests, come ingame and find an HQ or a qualified member

  5. If you pass the test, you will get an ingame invitation to join the squad

  6. Your application still continues for a week in a probationnary period (except derogation)

Tests Process :
For equal opportunities. You will need to pass all the steps. And each step is eliminatory..

  1. MIT Biography Questions (explain what is MIT and their missions)

  2. Server Rules Questions

  3. Internal Rules Questions

  4. Driving Test

  5. Arresting Test (Arrest any criminal using K panel)

  6. Personnality Test (this part can be tested on all other steps)

Within a few hours, we respond to applications with 3 possible stamps:

alt text
~[ACCEPTED]~(green) : You passed all the tests and were invited to the squad. You will enter a probationary period or not depending on the mentions.

alt text
~[PENDING]~(orange) : You are placed on pending, either to take the tests or to provide additional information.

alt text
~[DENIED]~(red) : Either you have failed the tests or your application unfortunately not living up to our expectations, or certain things do not allow us to accept. Contact an HQ for more information.

HQ tests : Internal and external tests are organized to become HQ. A general knowledge of the real world and of diplomacy is mandatory, with a scale of 70 points and about 20 questions with essays to be made of at least 300 lines. To pass the internal exams, you must be at least level 1 - PFC.

Special Guard nomination : The special guard is a high position with special advantages, attached directly to the leadership, it must show maximum loyalty, dedication and professionalism to leadership. SPEC members are appointed by leaderhsip in their sole discretion.

alt text
alt text

Credits : All graphical representations, logo, including vehicle wrap made by Sollozzo. All representations were voted by members.

All rights reserved. Copying of logos and representations prohibited.

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