SAES:RPG Rules & Regulations

    1. No Deathmatching.

    Deathmatching is defined as killing another player for no reason. Deathmatching includes, but is not limited to;

    • Killing criminals as a police officer without attempting to arrest first, unless arresting is not an option. Ie. You are outnumbered or you are taking fire.
    • Damaging/Destroying other players vehicles.
    • Killing another player as revenge for being killed, without cause.
    • Killing Police Officers while you are not wanted, there is an exception if they are attempting an arrest.
    • Killing Police Officers not chasing you, or anyone else. This includes Police Officers who are roleplaying.
    • Killing any player by parking on them, or repetitively ramming them with your vehicle.
      Overall, do not interfere with other players gameplay using violence unless it is part of the game.
    1. No Impersonating players or SAES clan members.

    2. No cheats or trainers. No abusing bugs. No changing textures for gameplay advantage. Any instances will result in a ban.

    3. The word of any staff or admin is final. If you have an issue with the ruling of a Staff/Admin contact SAES HQ. Do not fight about it in-game.

    4. Excessive abuse will be penalised. Do not overtly bully or harass other players. There is a line, do not cross the line. You will be warned before being punished. This rule goes twice for Staff/Admin you verbally abuse for fulfilling their duties.

    5. Do not avoid arrest. This includes killing yourself, logging out, getting someone else to kill you, killing someone else about to be arrested, standing on an unclimbable building in a store rob or using "I'm Stuck" in an interior, closed exterior. You may also not enter closed interior or gates while being chased.

    6. You are only permitted to have 1 SAES account. If you have other people on your PC/IP using other accounts, refer to the #Multiaccounting tab on the left.

    7. You may not speak any foreign language, for any reason, in the main chat. This is an English-only chat. You may also not advertise in the main chat. You will be muted and the mutes will get longer based on how often you break this rule.

    8. Do not abuse animations to hide in walls or objects. Do not use animations to give you an unfair advantage. This falls under the bug abuse rule.

    9. Do not marker kill or marker arrest players entering or exiting a bank during, or just before, a Bank Robbery.

    10. Do not camp the hospital as any class. Once spawned, use the grace time to get a vehicle and leave the area. The exception is, of course, medics.

    11. Do not create false reports. You will receive the same punishment the victim of your false report would have.

    12. While SAES does not actively investigate scamming claims, if you are found guilty of scamming other players you will be punished. We do not endorse this as a way of earning money. The minimum punishment for this will be 200% of the scammed money removed from your account.

    13. Committing any form of online crime while using a SAES service will see you removed from it. This ranges from committing actual online crimes in terms of sharing illicit or illegal material down to talking about partaking in illegal activities.

    14. Advertising other servers and/or attempting to hurt the SAES community through malicious attacks will see you removed.

    15. Offering to purchase products or services on SAES (eg. Money, Group Access, Properties etc.) using any real life currency or substitute for currency (Gift Cards, etc.) is strictly forbidden. Players found making or accepting these offers will be banned from SAES services. Failure to report an offer made to you to a SAES clan member will also find you in breach of this rule.

    Overall if you are found to interfere with other users gameplay in a negative way, which is not an intended part of the game, there will be repercussions. SAES is a platform for all to enjoy and administrators will take actions to ensure you do not negatively impact the server's gameplay.

    It is your responsibility to follow and keep up to date with these rules. They are ever-changing.

    Any breaches of the above rules will be met with punishment, ranging from a verbal warning to a permanent ban depending on severity.

    If you have any questions or queries regarding our Data Protection policies or privacy queries please see below;

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