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Group Name: Western Wrestling Entertainment
Foundation date : 7.10. 2020
Motto : The greatest of shows and entertainment
Color Code: #7C0505
Founders : @PoLaT, @Lou-2, @nCov and @Sollozzo
CEO (Leader): Lou
Tags : [WWE]Nick
Discord : https://discord.gg/Qkn9Abw

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~[Chief Executive Officer]~(#07aba3) : He's the legal representative of the company and ensures the smooth running of all operations :

  • @Lou-2

~[Chief Marketing Officer]~(teal) : He manages the marketing aspect and replaces the CEO during his absence.

  • @PoLaT

~[Chief Accountant]~(navy): Chief of Staff and manage the economy and finance

  • @Sollozzo

~[Manager]~(green): He manages coaches and human resources, manages events and ensures the security of them.

  • @nCovv

~[Coach]~(green): An experienced wrestler, He trains wrestlers under license and knows the techniques. He can lead his own team within WWE.

  • Vacant Position

~[Licensed Wrestler]~(maroon): He has an official WWE license and can fight under a crest with a qualified coach.

  • Vacant Position

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^[You are a real man and know how to fight with your hands ?]
Join the most powerful Civilian Wrestling Entertainment company and start to earn money, just apply by using the following form :

WWE - Application :
**What position do you want to have? :** LICENSED WRESTLER / COACH
**Do you have a wrestler clan tag ?** :
**Your nickname :**
**Your account name :**
**Your age :**
**Your current group/gang/squad membership :**

And then ?
An answer will arrive within 24 hours. In the meantime, go train and prepare for hot tournaments that can earn you several million dollars and win honorary titles.

alt text
Betting services will arrive soon pending the establishment of regulations

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All rights reserved. Copying of logos and representations prohibited.

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