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Black~Bullets Birthday!


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it was well over 10 years ago when a guy named Freaky decided to create a new gang and name it Black~Bullets, tho it had potential sadly that first generation fell apart before it got the chance to make a proper history worth of it's members list. some thought it's the end of the story and it was for some months .. but actually it was just the beginning

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just like today 19th of September 2011, 9 years ago, the same guy decided to launch the 2nd generation of his creation, more determined, armed with the strong will and dedication of a trustworthy group of players .. and like a phoenix from the ashes the new generation rose up to exceed all the limits and expectations of the last one

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and here we are 9 years after that day, standing as one of the oldschool criminal giants of SAES, a family of brothers and sisters from all around the world, a tag and color that strikes fear in the hearts of it's enemies, and a pack of sexy camels roaming around San Andreas!

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i would like to personally thank everyone who's been part of our journey so far, this has been quite an experience for me on so many levels. throughout the good times and bad ones, the friends we made and the stories we shared, the impact B~B has made on this community sure is huge and i hope it was always and will always remain in a positive way

Happy birthday B~B, here's to more years of success to come

enjoy some of our classic videos:















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Happy birthday, dear camels! I am proud to say that I was also part of your long journey. 6 years ago this organization has given me some of the most interesting experiences that a more "freshman" player like me, back in the day, could have never dreamed of. To many more years to come :tada:

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First of all I would like to tell a happy birthday to my lovely gang and I hope we will be able to see it for many many more grateful years, and the second thing is that this gang brought me many friends and memories in the past year and a half that I've been in it and as for the sake of my history in saes and in the multiple gangs I've been, B~B is the best gang and I'm grateful for being in it and making history with my lovely gang members.

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