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Fire Department Application - Bas - 02/09/2020


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Section 1 - Non-RP Information

Nickname: Bas
Username: bas260
Old nickname/Other used names in-game:
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Current G/S: S.W.A.T.
Previous G/S I've been in SAPA for a month I joined it immediately when I joined the server. Due to my brother introducing me to the game it all went pretty smooth. I then joined the FBI. Years later I left because I did not like being a member of the FBI HQ team.
How long have you been a member of your current G/S and what is your current rank? I don't know the answer to both of those questions. I joined S.W.A.T. by invite after I left the FBI.
Current groups: San Andreas Interceptors, Cuban Cars, Pro Cops, San Andreas Medics.
Previous groups:

  • HLS, Kicked for being SS at the same time.

  • SS, Kicked for being HLS at the same time.

  • ZIP, being afk with a construction years ago. By Tilong how ironic.

  • SAFD, see below.

  • DE, see below

Maybe some other groups but this is all I can remember for now.

Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them:
I was suspended from using the construction panel for blocking a player who was deathmatching in DE base from accessing the hangers to the planes.

Tell us something about yourself: I'm Bas get to know me if you want. Else my personal life is of no business to you.

Section 2 - Questions

Do you understand that you will be given a couple of firefighting lessons/instructions before joining Fire Department? I understand.
What is your goal within the Fire Department?
To actively keep the firefighting roleplay of the server alive.
Are you ready to be active daily and post activities in media archive regularly?
To be honest daily no, but multiple days a week sure.

Section 3 - Detailed Profile

What are your strengths?
Roleplaying, Instructing people
What are your weaknesses?
I do not like it when people force their RP on you.
Why do you want to join the SAFD?
Because I like roleplay and I'd like to work towards my old rank.
What specialization would you like to learn within the Fire Department?
There are no specializations mentioned anywhere. Usually every firefighter goes through medical training to call themselves a firefighting-emt/paramedic.
Applicant's signature: R.T.
Date: 02-09-2020

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