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Niggaz wit Attitudes - Level 2 Application


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^[*Niggaz Wit Attitudes was created back in the 90's by the founding members Ice Cube, Eazy-E and all of the OG members. The sole purpose of the gang was to have fun, make some good rap music. As they spread around their birth place, Compton, they started to be respected by locals and gangs around the area because of the fine music they made. The group was getting big attention in small timely manner. The leaders of the group were getting hungry. Everything was going to change after the incident at the heart of Compton, during an annual concert of the NwA. During the concert, one of the rival gang's members rolled up in a black SUV and lit the place up, killing tens and hundreds of locals and NwA's combined.]

^[From this point on, the leaders were not going to be satisfied with innocent music making. They wanted to expand. They armed up and established new connections. First job was to get revenge from those mowafuckas. They raided the hood of the rival gang. You'd expect it to be a successfull one but no, NwA was not experienced, as they took many lives, they gave many too. But this was just a beginning. Leaders gathered around to make a big decision, drug, guns or sex? After a long discussion, leaders decided that the most profitable job was drugs. Necessary meetings were made and NwA was now in the drug business. Not too long after, they were snitched upon. A rival gang gave the location of a big exchange and the FBI and local law enforcement agencies made a big bust, rounding up every NwA member and locking them up in jail.]

^[The following is from one of the NwA leaders now, a story to success and fame.]

^[I just woke up to another shitty day.Things were messed up as usual.I sometimes wonder how life was when I was out. It was a late noon and I was chillin' with the crew and then I saw the bus that was about to drop some fresh meat.We got closer to fences to see if we could recognise anyone. It was one of the times that we-inmates-actually had some fun inside. We would make fun of the newbies and get a little surly with them.The bus was full of niggers,crackers,surenos and among those there were some familiar faces.A couple of homies from Compton. It was always great to see some faces from our neighborhood. Then it hit me. It was time we had left there and got back to business.I planned the whole thing in a few days and brought it up to homies. They were all on board.With the newcomers we were stronger and more confident than ever. It took us exactly twenty-eight days to execute the plan.The tunnel that would take us to the sewers was dug up and connections with outside was made.]

^[The tunnel was leading us to a secluded place about a mile off from the prison. Midnight hit and it was time. The gang was ready, after the last call, everyone rolled up to their cage and waited for the prison to go to sleep. I could hear the guards' battons sliding over the railings, screaming at us to go to sleep. I was anxious, could feel my heart pumping out of my damn chest. When everything calmed down, the big boss sounded the " Go " whistle. Everyone put up curtains to their cells and rolled out the back where we already had holes waiting for us. The tunnels we dug met under the prison, leading the way to the outside location. It was a narrow tunnel and we had to crawl inside it one by one. I almost passed out because the damn tunnel was too narrow and I could smell the stinky feet of the person in front of me. After a long time, the big boss - who led the long line from prison to liberty - saw the light and started to shout and laugh. Everyone took a deep breath and consumed their last energy to push themselves out of this shit hole.]
^[As we were getting closer to the exit, adrenaline went up like a motherfucker. Me and my niggaz were finally gonna be out in the street, running shit up once more like the old glory days. We didn't know what was waiting for us outside. It could be a load of fuckin' cops or it could be more of our niggers, waiting for us. Finally we arrived, the big boss grabbed the shovel which was already planted at the spot exactly for this moment. He started smashing the dirt to open the hole to freedom. I couldn't take it anymore... I had to get out of there as soon as I possibly fuckin' could. And then there it was, the big boss was outside and I could hear him singing. I took my last breath and pushed myself outside, there it was... Our niggas from the outside, waiting. The rides we missed... The lowriders, the bass boost and most importantly... MUSIC! The whole crew was out the hole. Now all we had to do was get the fuck out of there before anyone spotted us. We loaded up in our rides and gassed out of there. As we rode back home, All the memories hit me up, the glory, the fame, the money... All the mowofuckin' shit we had. And at that time I knew, we had to get our place that was fuckin' stolen from us. No one is going to stop us now, not the PO-PO, not the FEDS, not a damn nigger on this fuckin' earth. It is time for NIGGAZ WITH ATTITUDES to SHINE once more. As we entered the city, everywhere was dark and the stores were closed. We used some of the unknown roads to ride back to the hood without being known. But we knew that we couldn't stay at our cribs because by morning, hell would cut loose at the prison. A bunch of niggers breaking out from a high security prison, thass' crazy... After we met up with the bitches at the hood, we quickly got the hell out of there to go to our new stash houses. These houses were discrete and the Po-Po did not know a damn thing, nigga. We had to stay here for a long time and clear the air before poppin' out on the streets if we didn't want to go back to that shitty place...]
^[4 Years Later..]
^[We lived underground for a good amount of time and now it was time, my ambition, all my dreams had to come true now. The hood was not at it's best state at the time. After the High Council and the elders being locked up, there was no one to keep everyone together and hold the respect level of the gang up. We started of small, established old connections for drug, money, muscle and weapons. But above all else, RAP, mothefuckin' rap. Started rapping in the streets as we did back in the day when we was just a bunch of pee wee's. Started to get new people that popped up in the streets. New gangs, new niggers, new cops. While Youngens went for small time jobs such as burglary, theft and all that small shit, the dealer niggers went for drugs. They bought and sold drugs, making profit. Street soldiers were our muscle, they maintained presence in the streets, showing that NwA was back. They also shook up minor rival gangs. Elders were controlling all these operations and setting up small time concerts. After streets, we were making official concerts, vibing the local people, our niggers. After a reasonable amount of time we were back on our feet and the city respected us. Not everyone was happy we came back fo' sure.*]

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^[Gang panel: Niggaz-wit-Attitudes]
^[Gang Cash: 50.000.000$$]
^[alt text]
^[Motto:''Straight Outta Compton'']
^[Gang base: Playa Del Seville, Willowfield, Los Santos]

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^[Total Members: 27]
^[Gang Tag: NwA|]
^[Current Allies: None]
^[Gang Level: 1]
^[Date of creation: 11.07.2020]
^[Click here to join our ~[discord]~(blue) channel]
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Niggaz Wit Attitudes' main money source is music. They make quality old school hip hop tracks. This is because that the original reason for the gang being created was music. Hip hop lovers from all around Compton and surrounding areas took interest in the quality music and joined the gang. At first, they were doing small music competetions and face offs. As the hip hop community grew, the activities started to grow too. Big concerts in the heart of Compton, diss competitions. With music, came the party. They partied with chicks, alcohol and snacks. This was enough to live a rich and joyful life when everything was about music. But then shit changed all of a sudden and NwA got into drugs. Setting up their connections all around the world such as Colombia, Mexica, Venezuela etc... Everything had changed. Now NwA is dealin' drugs around the corners, in their parties and concerts. Everyone is high as a kite all the time. Although the drugs varied, the most common ones are cocaine, weed, extcasy. Nowadays, NwA is still making dope music, AND dealing dope! Best quality drugs can be found in NwA members.

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This is the gang's primary record building. The building has multiple recording rooms equipped with hi-tech music material as well as sound proof rooms, instruments, rooms where you can chill out and just have fun. This is the place where the funk fuzz is made. Every music that NwA owns is born here.
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This storage area is next to the NwA hood. It is used for a variety of reasons but the most common one is hiding vehicles/items wanted by the police. None of the NwA members own this storage area so that the cops can't tie it to the gang members and make a raid. Drug vans, stolen music equipment, spare weaponry are stored in this area mostly within vehicles. A stash house.
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One of the many music stores owned by NwA. Musics being produced by NwA artists get published here for sale. Platinum, gold, silver albums. This store also sells music tracks from different authors. The store is mostly occupied by hip-hop, g-rap and rap songs. This is where you get the good stuff!
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Another music store owned by NwA,our products get published here for sale.This store is also mostly occupied by hip-hop, g-rap and rap songs.
alt text
Another music store strategically placed around Los Santos, allowing easy access to hip-hop lovers around Los Santos. Apart from music, this store also sells X-Rated adult movies, action, drama, comedy movies.
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**** @Dizzy **** @Laggiaze

ELDERS[Level 5]
**** @Brondy

-Block Homie-
**** @Durby

-Trusted G-


MUSCLE[Level 3]
**** @NoFear


-Street Enforcer-
**** @Jell0u

-Street Runner-
**** @Karos

DEALERS[Level 1]
**** :heavy_check_mark::turkey: @Morpheus

**** :heavy_multiplication_x: @RocketBunny
**** @Begriff
**** :heavy_check_mark::denmark: @celalbaba

-Corner Boy-
**** :heavy_check_mark: @joker69
**** :heavy_multiplication_x: @Zoom-In
**** :heavy_check_mark: @Mixpeko
**** :heavy_check_mark::monaco: @Okamoto

**** :heavy_check_mark::tunisia: @KaKi

**** @Zirka
**** :heavy_multiplication_x::norway: @rottarotta
**** :heavy_check_mark::tunisia: @stars
**** :heavy_check_mark::turkey: @Angeloo

-Pee Wee-
**** :heavy_multiplication_x: @Snow
**** :heavy_multiplication_x: @Am1x
**** :heavy_multiplication_x: @DoesDoodles
**** :heavy_multiplication_x::egypt: @Maro
**** :heavy_check_mark::turkey: @Batu
**** :heavy_check_mark::chile: @frncsthegreater

**** :heavy_check_mark::turkey: @Weskerr

Total Members: 27
Inactive Members: 7
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^[Feel free to check our [Media Archive]]
^[alt text]
alt text
Recruitment Status: ~[Open]~(lime)

**In-game Name & Account Name & Age:** 
**How long have you been playing in SAES ?:**
**Previous (legitimate) bans? ( If so, details please ) :**
**Current group membership(s):**
**Previous gangs or squads(include reasons kicked/left):**
**Why you do want to join us(Longer than 2 line):**
**Tell us about yourself(Longer than 3 line):**
**Leave a link of an old school rap song you like:**

This link will lead you to NwA's official topic,in which you can apply for us.

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