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~[About Us]~(navy)

Name : San Andreas News Agency - SANA|

SANA Headquarters : Central-North LV

Discord: https://discord.gg/xnWV4bW

SANA Albums (Media): Click Here

General Manager: ProNuBs

Managers: JojoDb - Illusion - Jonas133

~[Our History]~(navy)

Hello & welcome to the new iteration of the San Andreas News Agency (SANA)!

Many of you will remember the old SANA,founded and owned by Soinus. We are the new generation of SANA which will provide you with the same excellent quality and experience youve come to associate with the SANA brand.
This new generation of SANA was founded on the 25th July of 2020 by ProNuBs. Approval has been granted by the old SANA HQs who operated at the time of SANAs foundation back in 2012-2013.
As we are a new generation we havent established a unique history yet, but we plan to forge one as time goes on.

~[Our Plans]~(navy)

We will have regular articles on events happening around San Andreas.
These articles include, but are not limited to;

  • Criminal activities

  • Targeted gangland crime

  • Gang Wars (Turfing)

  • (Meta) Server updates (putting the saesdev-changelog updates into news articles)

  • (Meta) Organisation level results

  • (RP) Organisation advertisement and interviews

  • (RP) Monthly Stats reports

~[Employees (Roster)]~(navy)

General Manager

  • @ProNuBs


  • @JojoDb


  • @jonas13362

Advisory Board (Honorary)

  • @Daryl

  • @Shaun


  • Vacant


  • @Markus


We are currently looking for a consistent, high quality, core group of employees. We require a high proficiency in English to take up a position as a reporter or editor. Should you be interested in this role please join our discord server and fill in our Job Application Form.

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