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ZIP Holding Building at LVX

#Construction_number: 4
Number of objects: 1441
Link to the code pastbin (in case of sharing): https://pastebin.com/k4xgKHgM
Link to the Album: https://imgur.com/a/X831n0Q

Roleplay: The day was good. I was trying to be worker for a long time. I thought this time I was a chance to be worker. I applied to ZIP. One day ZIP managers called me. They invited me to their office for interview. I was very happy. I got ready and hit the road. I was dreaming to be architect. But I was need to be worker before architect. When they called me I was started to talk with myself. I wasnt know what am I doing. After that my parents saw me and they talked with me and they helped to me. I was really excited. When I arrived to ZIP office, they asked me some questions about building and my personality. We talked for a long time. After my interview finished I went to cafe and I relax a bit. One day they called me and they accepted my application. I started to do work at ZIP. After a while I saw they dont have any building for themself. They have just one building and it wasnt enough for them. It was small but the company was big. So I decided to do holding build. I chose best location for this company and I started to do my blueprint project. Then I show my blueprint project to managers and supervisors. They liked it and they said "Well done Zilla! Start to work on it. Its your job!". And I started with great hope. After a long time It was finished and I talked with my managers and supervisors. They came to my building and they looked. They liked it after that I decided to ask for promotion. Everyone knows my dream is become a architect then Manager in ZIP. Then I talked with my managers and supervisors about my dreams. And now I'm part of ZIP as Manager. I didn't want anything more. Even that was enough for me. I continued to do my job in an incredibly good and high quality way. End!

Calculated: 336 Words

Thanks For Reading.
Best Regars

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