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The end of the Gypsy Jokers


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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

Yeah sadly as you can see there it is.. The end of the Gypsy Jokers MC, some of you might say ''why did you give up so fast'' but I wanna keep it short and clear by telling the reason of the closure. Recently we applied for level 3, but things didn't go well. As first we had some active member problems and there was a lack of interests in MCs which meant we couldn't recruit new members. Secondly after his long good served work our Vice President @Darude decided to end his story in GJMC and wanted to experience some new adventures within the server. We respect his decision, we can't force anyone to stay while he's not enjoying the game anymore. @Boody became our new Vice President, but sadly after a while he had some real-life issues which meant he couldn't be active enough for the club. Our HQ team was inactive as well and we were 6 members below the level 2 requirements and lost 3 more members after the results. So it was hard for us to pass the requirements with 10 active members. We can't force anyone to stay, it's a game so people have to enjoy it by experiencing adventures.. It's was a big achievement for me to lead a gang with his own spawn so I am happy that we came so far.

I started this adventure on my own and met some real friends in it so I would like to thank every single member of @Gypsy-Jokers-MC.

Especially a big thanks to the loyal members:

  • @IshYoo07

  • @Mowgli

  • @minx

  • @Ragnax

  • @HaKy

  • @Klay

  • @Nevada

  • @Olifant

  • @Jack_

  • @Boody

  • @Darude

Also the best wishes for our brothers @Rogue-21 & @Navy-Malistrip

Every good thing has an end..
We ride fast, work slow and never rush!


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