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879 | LEVEL 1 Application


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879 are the last 3 numbers of the zip code from Euskirchen (53879) were the gang was founded
We defend our business friends and money.
You need something? We get it! We sell everything that brings Money.
But our main business is selling all kinds of weapons.
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We get our weapons direct from
the best German armaments companies like Heckler & Koch, Diehl Defense or ThyssenKrupp and smuggle them from Germany
straight to Las Venturas to sell them to each person who need weapons. You can find us anywhere but the most time
we have seller at LVX like our top best 879|Hosentaschen
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Gang Leader: 879|Faindope
Gang Vice Leader: 879|Sinto
Gang HQ Team: 879|TAZZAT 879|Zigeuner 879|HosenTaschen
Gang Tag: 879|Name
Gang Helpers Tag: 53|Name
Gang level: 0
Date of creation: 02.05.2020
Media Archive: link text
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Discord: https://discord.gg/UeBPSYh
If you want to apply go to the Discord server
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  1. Respect the server rules F1

  2. Help the gang member and do not let them alone fore example at SR

  3. Respect the other people and speak English in the main Chat

  4. If you play as cop dont arrest People with 879 , 53 or Rogue Tag

    If you have problems with any gang member contact Faindope
    alt text

History of the first generation:
Nobody knows the exact founding date of the first generation

In 2009 the first official documented activities were published (the first Tracks)

5 of the Members were arrested and convicted for multiple assaults, blackmails, robbery and receive stolen goods

The last official documented activities (the last Tracks were published)

New beginning
After years of silence some criminals and smaller gangs come together to found a second new generation of united
criminals who support each other at organized crime.

The business was running good but in 2020 our leaders decided to expand our main business the arms supply
to Las Venturas and Los Santos after our scouts told us that there is much money to earn.

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