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Gypsy Jokers MC - Level 3 Application


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^[ alt text]
^[If you want to see our media archive click on this link ! Click here!]

^[credits to NORI for creating the promo video and uploading it here]

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^[Divine was chilling on his balcony after a tough day. He'd done quite well in life, and owned a nice apartment in Vice City. He was a lawyer in downtown Vice, but enjoyed riding his motorcycle in his spare time. He owned a virtually brand new WMC Freeway, and enjoyed crusing along Vice City's roads in his spare time. One evening, he was at the 24/7 foodstore, when he saw someone rocketing along the road on an FCR-900. He was being followed by a trio of VCPD Cruisers. Normally, Divine would tut and go along with his business, but today was different... Divine ran to his bike, kicked the starter lever and shot off after the guy on the FCR. Weaving between the cop cars, he caught up with the guy and told him he was on his side. The guy introduced himself as Nikolai, and reached down and pulled out an MP5. He threw it to Divine, but didn't see where he was going... Nikolai ploughed into the back of a Sentinel XS at almost 120MPH. He flew headlong into a tree, and fell through said tree into a dumpster. Divine screeched to a halt, and firing madly behind him at the oncoming cascade of police, he retrieved the lifeless body of Nikolai from the dumpster, hung him onto his bike, and sped off, shooting wildly behind him. Having escaped the cops in the many streets of lower Vice Beach, he pulled into the car park of his apartment block, and hauled Nikolai up to his apartment. Considering the speed at which they had crashed, Nikolai was only lightly injured. Having sustained cuts, bruises and a laceration across his arm, and hiding from a lot of police attention, Nikolai stayed holed up in Divine's apartment. Nikolai told Divine of how he was an old member of Biker Boyz, and that he'd run away from California, but attracted attention on the way. He was supposed to be boarding a cargo ship to escape to Africa, but after his accident, that was a big no-no. Having stayed off for two weeks to look after Nikolai, Divine received a phone call from his boss. He knew it wouldn't be good. Turns out he was fired, and with a large overdraft on his bank account after buying his new bike, he knew he was fucked financially. His only choice was to turn to criminal activity. At first he had no idea where to begin, but then he remembered, he had a notorious criminal in his own apartment. After a few weeks of consultation, six trips to the hospital and two bags of weed smoked, the pair eventually decided on forming their own Motorcycle Club...]

^[The early foundations of Gypsy Jokers MC were laid in late 1985, when a small group of wannabe criminals decided to pay a visit to the Bank of Vice City. Their visit was not a friendly one, and after going in, shooting a few people and cameras, and filling a few bags, they were back out within five minutes. They'd made four million dollars, enabling them to buy a fleet of brand new bikes, and a new clubhouse. This however, had come at a price. Since they were now heavily wanted in Vice City, with rewards for information that leads even to their deaths, they decided they were too small a gang to be dealing with those sorts of risks.]

^[A Burrito had been loaded with the small amount of furniture the Gypsy Jokers owned. It was 4 am on a Saturday of 1986, and after careful planning and arrangements, they set off on a week-long trek across the United States. Their destination: San Andreas.]

^[The Gypsy Jokers had poured their foundations in San Andreas faster than one can eat a wodge of cheese. The Jokers had purchased a plot of land behind a shopping mall in the North-Eastern district of Creek in Las Venturas. They'd contracted a company to set up some high voltage electric fencing, and began construction of a new clubhouse and garage. After all of that was done, a few banks were robbed to provide funds to really get the club going. Sixteen new members were recruited within two months, and Nikolai and Divine knew that the Jokers were going to leave a mark on San Andreas.]

^[Unfortunately the President and the VPresident came with a bad news, they decided to retire from the club and they closed it. Every member splitted up without even a farewell party. The story of the Gypsy Jokers MC ended in 1995.]

^[After a long break since 1995, Gypsy Jokers decided to turn back to the streets. GJMC had a break since the founder of GJMC was retired. They had to split up and close the club. But a miracle happened, after 25 years Divine met an old member of the club in Las Venturas. They had a little talk about their closed club. After a while Divine wanted to see his old club back at the hoods so he gave Turbo the permission to recreate the club and raise it up again. Gypsy Jokers are back again!]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[The Gypsy Jokers is a dangerous motorcycle club, we go around all of SAES on our dashing and fast motorcycles selling guns, robbing/stealing motorcycles. We kidnap people and escape from the cops, we help and respect other MC gangs. The Gypsy Jokers aim to be what they are in real life. This is what our typical day entails]

^[Armed Robbery - Robbing banks and stores]
^[Assault - Someone talking trash? Best shut him up for a while.]
^[Counterfeiting - Sometimes, we all need a little extra cash...]
^[Fraud - Sometimes, we all need to get out of a sticky situation.]
^[Gun Trafficking - We put funds raised towards other activities.]
^[Homicide - He's still talking trash? Best shut him up in a crate six foot under...]
^[ Motorcycle Theft - Sometimes we need an extra pair of wheels.]

^[The majority of these activities help pay for our other activities, whether thats just riding around, or shooting some fucker in the balls. Either way, we need to pay for it!]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Club Founder: @Divine ]

^[Club President/VPresident: @Turbo / @Boody ]

^[Club Captains: @HaKy ]

^[Club Name: Gypsy Jokers MC]

^[Club Panel: Gypsy_Jokers_MC]

^[When We Created It: 10-01-2020]

^[Our Motto: We ride fast, work slow and never rush!]

^[Our Color Code: #9E91A5]

^[Our Club Level: 2]

^[Club Tags: GJMC|Name|Rank]

^[Our Club Value: 50,000,000]

^[Our Helpers Tag : GJMC-H|Name]

^[Our Club Alliances: @Rogue-21 & @Navy-Malistrip]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[* Respect everyone on SAES / do not insult someone without any reason.]

^[* Listen to your high ranked members , if you have problem with someone contact our HQ team.]

^[* If you wanna report someone of our GANG , contact our HQ team first. Provide us proof with screens.]

^[* Do not deathmatch someone without any reason , first try to talk with him or report him.]

^[* If you going inactive you should contact any of our HQ+ and explain them why you will be inactive.]

^[* Always speak English in mainchat if you have the feeling that you need to contact someone of your own country use Party/PM.]

^[* Follow all the server rules and respect them at all time if we see you breaking any of these rules will receive a punishment.]
^[Gypsy Jokers Code of Conduct:]
^[Follow the rules of the Jokers, as well as the SAES:RPG rules.]
^[Obey commands given by higher ranks than you.]
^[Don't be a cunt.]
^[Don't constantly ask for ranks. You will receive ranks when and where required.]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[The President of the Club, (level 6)]
^[The President, or Prez, is the club's figurehead. Responsible for keeping the media and police at bay, the President also fulfills the roles of Chairman at meetings, and represents the club at annual meetings.]

^[ @Turbo ]

^[The Vice President of the Club, (level 5)]
^[Vice President is the second in command, the Vice Prez fills in when the President isn't around to take charge. He is also the heir to the rank of President, should the previous President be fatally wounded or leaves. The Vice President is also known as the Secretary of the Club, being responsible for managing the member list, distributing ranks when and where required, as well as recording all assets that the club owns.]

^[ @Boody ]

^[The Captain of the Club, (level 4)]
^[Captain is also known as the HQ of the club. He's in charge in game and on forums. He has to organize many things that the President wants.]

^[ @HaKy ]

^[The Veteran of the Club, (level 4)]

^[ @Jack_ ]
^[ @SkrillleX ]
^[ @Premier ~[(inactive)]~(red) ]

^[The Sergeant At Arms of the Club, (level 3)]
^[The Sergeant at arms is one of the most important jobs in an MC. He is responsible for keeping order in club meetings. He is also responsible for the security of the club house, President, ride security, motorcycles when parked, and also he is the enforcer that is called on when there is a need for someone to be taught a lesson or whatever the president and club deem necessary.]

^[ @Skyler ]
^[ @Olifant ]
^[ @Tom ]
^[ @Xavator_ ]

^[The Road Captain of the Club, (level 3)]
^[Road Captain is responsible for managing and planning Road Trips. He plans fuel stops, the route, as well as calculating any risks that may be incurred. He rides at the front, alongside the President and Vice President.]

^[ N/A]

^[ The Secretary of the Club, (level 2)]
^[The Secretary is responsible for keeping all of the club records, written reports and correspondence between outside organizations. He calls role at the committee meetings and takes notes on each meeting. He is also responsible to notify any members of special meeting times and dates other than the normally scheduled meetings. The Secretary is in charge of telling any members of an election or appointment if it was made while they were not present at a meeting. He maintains the constitution of the club noting any changes to it and handles all written club correspondence.]

^[ @IshYoo07 ]

^[The Treasurer of the Club, (level 2)]
^[The Treasurer keeps all the financial records of the club. He collects the income from all operations and is responsible for paying all the bills or expenses of the club, while keeping written records. The Treasurer reports the clubs status on payments owed and due at each committee meeting to the members. He may also provide the committee a written report of the financial status at the annual meetings. The Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining all of the club patches that are un-issued as well as a record of the patches and colors that each member has in their possession. The Treasurer collects all dues and fines from the clubs members.]

^[ @Polentaa ]
^[ @Pogo ]
^[ @Mr-Ghost ]
^[ @Mowgli ]
^[ @minx ]
^[ @Klay ]

^[The Patched members of the Club, (level 1)]
^[Patched Members are the first proper rank of the Jokers. There are multiple roles that the Patched Members can fulfill, such as drivers, pilots, guards and dealers. They are called Patched Members because they have successfully 'earned their stripes' so to speak.]

^[ @Doomer022 ]
^[ @Nevada ]

^[The Prospect of the Club, (level 0)]
^[Prospect is the first rank of the Jokers. This is also commonly refferred to as a Probationary rank, as this is the first rank that members encounter on their climb of the Joker Rank Ladder. The Prospects are denoted by a P in their tag (i.e GJMC|Name|P)]

^[ @SidVicious ]
^[ @zuhn ]
^[ @Glory ]
^[ @Big_H ]
^[ @blood ]
^[ @Ring ~[(inactive)]~(red)]
^[ @joker69 ~[(inactive)]~(red)]
^[ @Kuroo ~[(inactive)]~(red)]
^[ @pridee ~[(inactive)]~(red)]
^[ @Krause ~[(inactive)]~(red)]
^[ @UberTiger ~[(inactive)]~(red)]

^[~[The people who gives us support and help us at all time [VIP]:]~(dark grey)]

^[* @Divine aka founder]
^[* @MysticSwedish ]
^[* @Freezoom ]
^[* @Adistar ]
^[* @Candy ]
^[* @Ardron ]
^[ @FoxZilla ]


^[Total member count: 30]

^[~[Active members:]~(lime,lime,lime,lime,lime) 23]

^[~[Inactive members:]~(red,red) 7]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[Our Gang-base:]
^[alt text]

^[Our Warehouse:]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[* You need to know English so we can understand and communicate with you]
^[* You should know the rules inside SAES (f1)]
^[* You should join our discord server https://discord.gg/SXdaVHc]
^[* If you meet this conditions you might apply for our organization wish you good luck!]

^[Copy the application format from here and fill it in]

**[Personal Information]** 
**How well do you speak English:**
**Tell us something about yourself:**

**[Ingame Information]**

**Have you ever been admin-jailed or banned (if yes why)?:**
**Do you fully understand the rules written on F1?:**
**What G/S/C have you been in and why did you leave?:**
**List of your current groups?:**
**Why do you want to join us?:**
**Why should we let you in?:**

**[Rules Section]**

**Explain Deathmatching in your own words:**
**State 2 of the Bank Robbery rules:**
**State 2 of the Turf War rules:**

**[Additional Information]**

**Who is the Founder of GJMC?:**
**Who is the President of GJMC?:**
**Post a picture of a freeway in a spoiler to be answered:**

^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[~[Accepted:]~(lime) You've showen us that you put a lot of effort in your application and hanged around with our members you should contact a HQ+ in-game for a test ( Do not spam for a test if the HQ isn't able to test you be patience )]

^[alt text]

^[~[Pending:]~(sienna) You could do better but we give you a chance to hang with us and show us more effort that you wanna join. If the 1 week passed away the HQ team will decide what we should do with you ( be patience )]

^[alt text]

^[~[Denied:]~(red) Bad application you should put more effort in making an application. Not any of our members saw you hanging around us. You can apply again with the date we give you in your result]

^[alt text]
^[This topic is still under maintenance]
^[[Join our discord server by clicking on the link below!]]

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:ballot_box_with_check: Must have 25 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader).

:ballot_box_with_check: Must be active on the server for at least five months.

:ballot_box_with_check: Must have a monthly overview of the role plays, bank robs, events, activity posted in media archive.

:ballot_box_with_check: Must have a clear application progress on how to join the gang. If you choose to close your recruitment, you must still show applicants a clear way they can still join.

:ballot_box_with_check: Must have a structured private forum (important information/communication/activity).

:ballot_box_with_check: Must have created a promotion video representing your gang. (If unable to achieve this, a roleplay story can be made using screenshots and images, with text written with it)

:ballot_box_with_check: Must have at least $30.000.000 stored in /gang.

:ballot_box_with_check: Must be prepared to pay $20.000.000 as level acceptance.

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