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Ladies and gentleman,

The time has come, im not gonna make a 10 paragraph story about this. We Emergency Task Force has had a great ride that almost lasted a full year. With the current conditions as a cop in SAES and the requirements that the GM's demand it is almost impossible to keep your head above the water. We would like to thank everybody that has helped us throughout this amazing journey, a special thanks goes to FOX that gave us the opportunity to become allies and work together as a team to fight crime around San Andreas.

Yours faithfully,
Emergency Task Force - Headquarters.

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@Vennelle @AntiRug @matu368 I can clearly say that you are my best friends on the police side, this news upset me very much I hope you come to better places... it will be a place i will never forget.
Byebye brothers!

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I met really good people inside the squad and had a lot of fun inside there with members, some epic moments and some weren't that good tho, but still was all fun.
Meh, we can't change anything, what happened already happened, it was fun journey boys learned a lot from you guys <3 , Rest In Peace ETF

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