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SkulioN's LWS Events


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^[Hello and Welcome, I will use this topic to present you my newest event idea creations but also for events which are already existing and i re-do them. I will try to be as creative as possible. I hope you will like and enjoy it.]
^[I guess many of you know me already, but for the ones who don't know me or never had a chance to meet each other in-game. My name is Oliver and i started playing SAES around 2011. I'm pretty calm and peaceful person. I'm currently Sub Leader of the Medellin Cartel and i enjoy spending my free-time on SAES ( which is pretty much ). If some of you have questions or anything, i'm always open for a nice conversation, just meet me in-game. Peace]

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You are curious? You wanna know some statistics about this topic? Check the list below to know how many events i've did in total and the money i've spent for it.

Amount of Money spent: $31.000.000
Count of Event's made: #30

alt text

^[Just an example, how the posts will look like.]


alt text
alt text
Event Count: ( the event number's count )
Event Type: ( f.e. chicken shooter, lms )
Event LWS: ( the lws that helped to make the event )
Event Prize: ( f.e. $1.000.000 )
Event Winner: ( the winner's name )
Event Hosted: ( date )
Event Screens: ( link or spoiler with the screenshots )


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