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Bad ping after logging in everytime


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Hello , i wanna ask you guys about a problem i have , my connection is very good though but everytime i log ingame i get lags and bugs and high ping , which i get network problem , though my connection is so good though i dont know how this happens , so any solutions you guys may give to me , i aint joking or lying here though so no useless moaning from any players especially admins , i hope you give me help here

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Even with a huge amount of players you shouldnt be facing such issue, although the problem might be your connection to the host or just the fact you time out when you try to log in, try restarting your MTA if it still causes the same issue, check your internet speed and/or restart your modem/router. I faced this issue when I had a really bad internet service provider.

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@Silent said in Bad ping after logging in everytime:

yea better idea if Brophy paid for other server cuz the server becomes as shit with this shitty lag,we can't get any fun like before,also that dump ping and FPS ...please fix it.

To re-iterate to the people who do not understand how servers work and are easy enough to blame it.

It is NOT the dedicated server that we use which is causing the issues.

Our dedicated server has enough resources and bandwidth capacity to deal with everything we run on it without strain, the issue is a combination of multiple factors:

  • People are relying on old machines and laptops which are not designed for gaming, especially with what MTA is doing with a game that was not designed for multiplayer.

  • People with "good connections" are normally on no more than a 4-5mb connection and connecting from a location thousands of miles from the server location (which is London, hosted by OVH).

  • Our game-mode has had things added to it over a 10 year period, a combination of different developers with different coding practices and skill set does not help.

This being said, we know there are people out there with excellent connections, excellent computers and in a good location to the server and still experiencing issues, but not as severe, for example people playing in the UK and close surrounding European countries do not seem to be experiencing it quiet so often.

We are trying to isolate and fix any potential resources part of the game-mode which is hindering player performance, especially client-side, but as you can imagine it's not going to be an over night fix.

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