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Pink Panters


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Discord server link: https://discord.gg/RpmsKy2
Media Archive link: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/18232/pink-panters-activity-feed
Gang Level: 0
Total Members: 15
Panel name: PinkPanters
Money in bank: $25.000.000+
Current Base Location: Las Venturas ( https://i.imgur.com/sA9HicC.mp4 )
Gang Tags: [PP]Nick|role
Helper / Wannabe Tags: 034|nick
Non-Official Alliances: @The-Company & @Clandestine-Mob
Color Code: #F2A3B3
Day of Foundation:
First time published: 3rd April 2020.
Second time published: 29th April 2020.

~[~Why hurt anyone that has nothing to do with the heist?~Pink Panters
~Today Pink Panter, Formerly Robin Hood]~(pink)

alt text
Forunder/Leader (Leader)- level 7 ( [PP]Nick|L )
Leader is first person in gang does everyting needed for gang reputation.
Directors Team- level 6 ( [PP]Nick|vL & [PP]Nick|sL )
(Vice Leader & Sub Leader)
Directors are second hand of Leader, they does everyithing same like Leader when leader isnt online or when leader is busy.
Head Coordinator- level 5 ( [PP]Nick|HQ )
Head Coordinators are menagers of Coordinator Ranks, they have to give advices and help Coordinators to make right step while promoting, Head Coordinators are also second hand of Directors, If no one Director can work about gang reputation, Head Coordinators have to do it.
Coordinator (sHQ)- level 4 ( [PP]Nick|sHQ )
Coordinator are menager of recuiting, Coordinator helping novice thiefs to make their skills better and promoting them to higher level if they deserve.
Strategist level 3 ( [PP]Nick|S )
Strategist making a plans about robberies and Strategists are menagers of Thief ranks, If Proffesional thief get enouth experiances he will get chanse to get promoted to Strategist by other Strategists.
Professional Thief (Respected Member)- level 2 ( [PP]Nick|R )
Proffessional Thief does most risky robberis because their stealing skills are amazing and they using to Thief mebers as their second hand.
Thief (Member)- level 1 ( [PP]Nick|M )
Thief members are used to be a second hand of Professional Thief in risky robberies.
Novice Thief (Junior Member)- level 0 ( [PP]Nick )
New recuited junior members whos used for easiest work about robbery because of their low stealing skills.
alt text
Pink Panters main role is stealing.
Pink Panters making robberies in short time and Pink Panters have creative escapes.
Pink Panters does not hurt civilians in robberies cause ~[why hurt anyone that has nothing to do with the heist?]~(pink)
Pink Panters stealing silver, diamonds, jewerly and gold and than selling it to other gangs.
Robing the jewerly shops
Buying drugs
Buying weapons
Selling weapons
Selling stolen stuff

alt text
Named after The Pink Panter series of crime comedy films.
Pink Panters is the name given by Interpol to an international jewel thief network.
Consisting of 200-250 members from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
The organization is responsible for some of the most audacious thefts in the history of crime.
Although the Pink Panters are not only known for their successful rate of robberies.
They have also been notarized for their daring break-ins as well as their creative escapes.
For example, in St. Tropez they burglarized a store dressed in flowery shirts and then escaped on a speed boat.
The group is thought to consist of over two hundred members.
Therefore, it is safe to say that a majority of their heists have been successful and many of the members have simply gotten away with their crimes.
Their total haul is believed to be in the billions of dollars.
Many of their heists are below 45 seconds, and are done without the use of guns,
this leaves the civilians around them untouched.
This is truly a considerate group of thieves: why hurt anyone that has nothing to do with the heist?

In 1993, the gang gained prominence when they stole an $800,000 diamond from a jeweler in London.
In another one high-profile heist, the gang drove a pair of stolen limousines through a window into a Dubai mall, taking watches and other valuables worth over $12.5 million.
In another robbery 2000, they dressed up as women and stole over $100 million worth of jewelry from a Harry Winston store in Paris, using Mission Impossible-style prosthetic make-up as a disguise.
In 2005, three Serbs, two men and one woman from Beograd.
stolen from a Tokyo jewellery boutique, in what was Japan's biggest ever jewel robbery in March 2004 worth approximately US$30 million.
alt text

Possible answers on application:
~[DENIED]~(red)- Sorry but u are not material we looking for.
~[PENDING]~(yellow)- You are on good way, continue hanging out with members and be active and you will get tested in few days.
~[ACCEPTED]~(lime)- HQ the team thinks you are great for our organization, welcome.
What we want from you ~[(Requirements)]~(red):
-Be as mature as possible.
-Have some experience.
-Be responsible.
-Understandable English or mate in our gang who can translate for u.
-U need to know rules (F1).

-In-game nick:
-How many time u spent in game per day:
-Tell us how many time did u spent in game:
-Rate your English:
-Other languages u speak except English:
-Previous Organisations and why have you left/been Kicked?:
-If you have ever been banned by the SAES, link your ban appeals:
-Why do you want be part of family?:
-Our motto(s):
-Read server rules (F1) and tell us two of them.
-Tell us someting about your self in 3 sentences:
[Recruitement Status: ~[OPENED]~(lime)]

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