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LosSantos International Police Forces


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Greetings Sir!
My name is Wesley, I am the Leader of LosSantos International Police Forces! At this moment we got level 0, and i need 8 members that wanna join my Police group!

Lets begin with the Story ;)

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I started playing with police cars as a small child, after all my father was hired as a police officer.
He taught me many things until my father died,
I didn't like it even to this day.
I applied as a police officer, and I quickly became one. After a few years, the leader of the police group where I worked died,
I never changed my mind and I applied for the Leadership!
You never guess .. I got the Leadership on me!

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Yes, we are a roleplay group!
Are you unable to play roleplay or are you bad at that?
You always go out with the 2 of you, so there is always 1 person who can play roleplay!

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You can DM me at this Forum,
Or you can contact me with discord:

Or personal discord username + tag



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