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Tonight i had situation where i warped to chicken dinner event, everything was fine until me and one more guy were standing last and then happened kick from AA Exile that got me out of it. I asked why kick he said i am AA i can do it.
He later smiled, there were few high ranking admins who did nothing.

After this situation picture is complete. AA not only controls CLO but server also. Imagine when admins wont touch low ranking member like Exile when he broke rule and admitted it, how can we expect that they do something with Bartman or any other high ranking AA.

I am changing my name, my username and everything as clearly even admins cannot protect me anymore from AA and its rulebraking members. This is my last message as EOIM, we might meet again, who the fuck knows.

Suggestion for end, rename server to AARPG.


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Good night @TheyCallMeEOIM . I have nothing to say but to apologize for the way these @Arms-Assassins scumbags has behaved with you. As Hq and from now on leader of AA (this is my coup), I'll free this server, and the poor people like you that are treated unfairly, from all these vicious minded AA members.

I guarantee no AA will make fun of you anymore while I'm the AA Leader. In fact, I'd like to invite you as my new vice leader since I won't need @nicus anymore.

You and I will change this gang and this server. #FreeCLO #FreeSAES

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