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Donation Rewards

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Seeing as more and more people are going to be stuck indoors, we are reducing the cost of rewards for donating from today (15th March) until the 30th of April 2020.

The following changes to donations are now in place.

  • Donate 10 for a car and get a standard wrap free (instead of a total of 15)

  • Standard wraps are 2.50 (instead of 5)

  • Custom wraps are 5 (instead of 10)

  • Ingame cash reward is $200,000 per 1 donated (instead of $100,000 per 1)

These reward changes do not apply to donations before 15th of March or after 30th of April 2020 (if you donated in the previous reward change period, please refer to that topic)

alt text

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@Ramby said in Donation Rewards:

So, if I donate 10 pounds, does that mean I can get 4 standards wraps for my 4 previous donations? Or does it need to be a combination between a car and a wrap from this donation period @Brophy ?

You will get 4 standard wraps to use on previous donations or you can 2 custom wraps to use on previous donation vehicles.

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@Combine said in Donation Rewards:

@Brophy bring back a top donators list, if it's possible. Can't you get the data from the old site?

I'm within the richest bastards here, tim260 still leads the first place probably.

The forum does not record donations in a database at the moment unlike the old forum, therefore can't bring it back until we have something in place for it.

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Mr @sila, How do i know??? I will tell you i always do my homework and check before i post something. This is how i check new players that want to join ICE.
So If you do your proper work and check you will see what i find!

alt text

Tim posted the first post for donation on 6 August 2011, and that was just a question not a donation. Also as you can see he was not even 18 years old.

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