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The Classic Klan


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alt text^[Some call us thieves, others gangsters, but we are pirates of the pavement.]
alt text

On February 6, 1996, in Sicily, Italy, a small group of Latino truckers and mechanics, harvested by greed and resentment for being fired, decided to be more than mere civilians. They began to get involved in assaults against transport companies, armories and car factories.

But not everything went so well. On July 7, 1997, an assault on an armored truck was unsuccessful, because we had a snitch in the clan, he was an informant from the Polizia Di Stato and betrayed all the members of the clan. With the clan leader arrested and the vice leader in the sights of the pigs, the clan dissolved and peace for the transport companies resurfaced.

On July 7, 2009, with the clan's father out of prison, he met with his former partners and decided to re-form the clan, but with a new name, "The Classic Klan." But as they were well known in Sicily, they decided to move to San Andreas to continue docking and selling drugs, for the growth of the Klan.

alt text

Our main and most important role is the assault on transport companies, currently we have no rivalry with any in particular, because we remain anonymous. Although our assaults are focused on trucks, we also assault other cargo vehicles and warehouses.

With the help of our team of expert mechanics, we perfect and improve our vehicles to make them more adaptable for any situation that makes a robbery more complex, to avoid failing it. The specialty of our mechanics is armoring and speeding up our motorcycles, cars, and vans.

alt text

^[Clan Tag TCK>|]
^[Founders@gxnzo @Gonza @PerroLoco ]
^[Clan Motto: A serious soul keeps its on own secrets and silently assumes its punishment]
^[Color Code: #8E8F74]
^[Creation Date 3/14/2020]
^[Discord: https://discord.gg/c8ucqDP]
^[Media Archive https://saesrpg.uk/topic/16079/the-classic-klan-media-archive]

alt text

^[ @gxnzo ]

^[ @Gonza ]

^[Assault Leader & HQ]
^[ @PerroLoco ]

^[Mechanic Leader & HQ]
^[ @Douglass ]

^[Honorary Members & VIP]
^[ @Yoko_Kurama ]
^[ @Seervio ]
^[ @Stark ]
^[ @shakur ]

^[Assault Team:]
^[ @Velona ]
^[ @chafloque ]
^[ @Zodiac ]

^[Mechanic Team]
^[ @Pontias ]
^[ @Noisyboy ]
^[ @Alf ]
^[ @Nicoo130903 ]

^[Normal Members]
^[ @OwenDlash ]
^[ @Zei ]
^[ @Skunnk ]
^[ @MrSolrac ]
^[ @Cruz ]
^[ @Radii ]

alt text

Recluitment Status: ~[Closed]~(red)

We are looking for real Raiders / Mechanics to join our clan, but we decided not to have an open recruitment, for the moment, we will only recruit people by invitation, whether we think they will be good members, who have a clean reputation of sanctions, not to harm the klan, or if our members recommend them. If you are interested in joining us, participate in our activities and we will consider it for a position in the group.

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