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A smoldering ember erupts back into a blazing inferno, reborn from these ashes like some bastard phoenix of Lucifers creation. Suffer the legend reborn



Classic Recruitment Video

We are a band of musicians who has their origins in Norway in the early 1990s. We have committed murders, arsonry and theft all in the name of black metal and the dark lord. Yet, were not just common criminals, our extreme views require extreme means, and we do whatever we have to to get our message across and protect our own, including breaking the law. Our music and actions are inspired by our detest for the establishment, especially christianity and anything we deem oppressive. Do not mistake our vulgar actions and taste for anger, we are fighting for the common man, he deserves his justice and his freedom.

Host events to redistribute the wealth we have acquired from means and more legitimate endeavors such as production and distribution of our music. This is a platform for us to perform our music and disseminate our views. Surrounding ourselves in dark imagery we live and breath metal, it shows in our vehicles, words, and actions.

We are overhauling our list of events and creating more, but we have kept the old classics:

Mosh Pit

The ultimate and most metal test of brawn and allegiance to brutality. Countless hundreds have fallen to the terror that is the Mosh Pit. The dark master calls for blood tribute, and all but the strongest shall fall. Depending on the size of the pit the last survivor will win, for larger groups there may be a runner up or third survivor, with prizes falling off for lower ranks. Contestants get into a ring or an enclosed area, at the start of the countdown they all start running and punching. If you hide in a corner, avoid fighting or dont punch you will be disqualified after a warning. The last player standing wins.

Safe Cracker
Dark Arts and the secrets of Black Metal hide within the dark shelves of our master safe. Kept hidden away by the master of metal, the power within the steel hold of the safes keep is the power that could destroy us all. The safe threatens to break free, so we are casting a spell on the safe to keep it from opening up and unleashing the horror within this cursed vessel. Recruiting people from san andreas to help us cast the spell, one by one they will guess the first number of the safe, and Helvete will cast the spell to see if it locks, if the number guessed is correct, they are awarded and we move on to the next number, at least 4 numbers are required to close the safe once more. The player who guesses the last number will get the main prize as well. The first number a player says is their guess, if a player repeats a number already said, it still counts. The numbers are generated at random, only one member knows so you cant cheat.

Music and Media
We are creative people, we will make media for our RPs like posters, CD art, and just like before we will work with our group members and other players on the server to make original songs. Meaning actually composing music from scratch. To date we have about 5 songs we composed and released as singles while we were active, so expect our library to grow. We also have used Helvete to promote music other players have made and want to show off.


  • Of course follow the server rules and the directions and requests of the SAES members and your leaders and subleaders in Helvete.

  • Wear your tags properly, with the correct formatting when active as Helvete and either your normal name or your roleplay name. So if your name is Pickles, your rp name is Dethklok and you are a Roadie:

    • H-Rd|Dethklok

    • H-Rd|Pickles

    • Dethklok
      These are acceptable names.

  • You get 1 warning, then youre out. Were not strict but theres no room in Helvete for noobery and ass-face-ed-ness.

Anyone that is xL(sub leader), vL(vice leader) and L (leader) is considered HQ. These are you leaders, their word is final.
L - Leader - Leads
vL - Vice Leader - Directs Subleaders
xL - Subleader - Supervises Crew

Roadies, Technicians, and Engineers are all the same rank and your superiors are HQ and Standhands.
Sh - Stagehand Class - The highest ranking members not classified as HQ. When no other HQ members are online Stagehands are who you report/listen to.
Rd - Roadie Class - The shooters in Helvete. Your job is to be a weapons specialist and the best gunners in Helvete.
En - Engineer Class - The support in Helvete. Your job is to support Helvete members in any way possible. If any member in Helvete is in trouble you go to help in any way possible. If a Roadie dies you will be assisting the gunners, if a Technician dies you will be assisting in driving.
Tk - Technician Class - The drivers in Helvete. Your job is to be very good with vehicles, getaway driving, and general transport.

These roles are to ensure that people are doing what they are best at in all scenarios. A Technician should always be teamed up with a Roadie so that when the time comes to kill cops/get away from a SR the person shooting is good at it, and the person driving will be able to escape the cops. If people do their role Helvete should always have the upper hand in any fight.

When you join Helvete you will let the recruiting HQ member which role you would like to be. Please be honest about your skills. If we feel you would be better fit to do another role we will change your role.

Helvete has been,and will always be, selective about its applicants, in favor of making things easier for the leaders and the applicants we are completely changing the application process.

If you are interested in joining the Black Metal Inner Circle, you need only post something like: "I want to join Helvete"

No long applications or lots of questions/background checks.
Then you wait for us to find you. If we want you we WILL find and induct you.

And to those who are not selected, your interest is always noted. If we find that you improve to our level of standards, we will ask you if you want to join our most dark brotherhood.

Current Members (HQ members are xL and up)
L - Shagwrath

vL - Steven

xL - Juby
xL - Soul
xL - Adcent

Sh - Stan
Sh - Yuu
Sh - Tilong
Sh - Izze
Sh - Pulse
Sh - Tempa

Rd - Groove
Rd - Amir
Rd - skomorje212
Rd - Stark
Rd - BigMike

Tk - Sinc3
Tk - Marksman
Tk - Terry

En - Darude
En - Pierce
En - Frost
En - Cummins
En - WenDo

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Roleplay 2/22/2020

The sins of San Andreas have gone unrecognized for far enough.
The sins of San Andreas have gone unrecognized for far enough.

Let us priase the depravity and laugh in the face of those who celebrate our life in opposition!
Let us priase the depravity and laugh in the face of those who celebrate our life in opposition!

Destroy the opulent palaces of those who would spread the lies of the sheep to the ignorant masses.
Destroy the opulent palaces of those who would spread the lies of the sheep to the ignorant masses.

Let us free all those enslaved and allow the flock to roam free once more.
Let us free all those enslaved and allow the flock to roam free once more.

The Hersey of Doubt and the Future of Fear


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last week me and @Bartman were talking about 2011 memories remembering Helvetes and the wars B~B had with them back in LS and all that, now you're here XD
welcome back Shag and good luck. such a blast seeing Helvete once again and hopefully this generation will be as good as the old one

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