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KebabS Empire


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Founders: @Freezoom
CEO: @ZoRo
Supervisor: @Raf0 @Greed
Group Tag: KebabS>NameKebabS>Name|Rank
Group Motto: ~[Eat kebabs for your health!]~(#97970f)
Group Created: 16/02/2019
RGB color Code: R:150 G:150 B:15
Color Code: #969610
Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ghugdgW

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The Kebab Empire was founded by the opening of a tiny kebab restaurant by three Turkish friends from San fierro. The Kebab Empire was opened in 1997 only for the Turks in San Fierro. However, since there were more people coming from the Turks, these three friends decided to grow the business. In 1999, they opened another shop in front of the Los Santos police department and received a great deal of attention. In 2003 they became a kebab brand recognized by people. The things they sell in the shops they open: Turkish doner, Pizza and most importantly Kebab. The special sauces and meat of the butchers were very good with an indescribable taste. Not only did they sell in the store, there were 5 courier employees in each store, and the couriers were constantly working for distribution.

Until 2019, things went as they wanted and they attracted great interest in every shop they opened. Kebab empire is a food brand preferred by many people right now! Its large company position is known in San Fierro.

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We have shops all over San Andreas and we sell here. We also have special sales cars walking the streets. If you see them, you can stop at any time and get the food you want. If you want to order food at home, call us and tell us what you want, we are sure your food will arrive quickly.

If you are preparing a special activity, we also participate in the activities. The speed in activities is very important to us We don't want to keep anyone waiting. Each participant will go happy and satisfied. That's why every person we work with is satisfied with us and that's why we are the most preferred

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Total Events: -

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The Founders








Trusted member







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Recruitment Status: ~[Open]~(lime)

* **1- Personal Part :**

**Nationality: **
**Rate Your English Level (1-10):**
**Since when do you play SAES:RPG:**
**Current Gang/Squad**
**Current Groups:**
**Tell us about yourself: **
**Tell us about your SAES carrier:**

* **2 -Group Question:**
**Why are you interested in joining KebabS Empire:**
**Why do you want to join KebabS Empire**
**Why should we accept you:**
**Post your screens when you hanging with us(use spoiler):**

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Original owner of this topic has complained, you cannot use someone elses graphics, group name and background/RP story and name yourself the founder - this is pure plagiarism.

Group closed. I suggest re-creating it with some originality.

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