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^[alt text]

^[ Our discord : https://discord.gg/atb5zH]

^[alt text]

^[Group money : $100.000.000**]
^[Date of Creation : 15.02.2019.]
^[Group Tag : Heist|name]
^[Group Base Location : Red County]
^[Group Color Code : #151515]
^[Group Skin: Westone > Criminal > Robber(2)]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]

^[Chapter 1 February 2020]

We were all raised together since we were kids that we intended to do something big in life, our parents some of them already dead, always was in this life, small robberies, selling drugs and also killing . . .
But we don't like to hurt anyone, we just like to be smarter and be able to penetrate systems to steal money and for that we have the best Robbers in the world as the best hackers and drivers .
The Heist is a group made up of amateurs who want to grow in the world of crime.
The heist is made up of several sectors such as Hacking, Transport, Driving and assault.
For now we make small robberies to gold stores, small companies also steal crucial information that worth a lot of money, as well as steal coffers from large organizations.
Our biggest goal is to be able to rob all San Andreas banks!

^[alt text]

^[Leader : ]
^[This guy leads all the stuff inside the heist]


^[HQ ]
^[When the leader is not on duty this guy control all the situation]


^[Assault :]
^[Here just mens with balls that dont have fear can fight with guns and deal with all kind of situations]


^[Driving :]
^[We just want the best drivers on our organization]

^[This guys need to crack and invade any system as fast as he can]

^[@RenQ ]

^[This guys help the guys above taking cars and weapons for assault or other kind of stuff]

^[This persons are not part of the group but in rare cases they come for help]


^[More comming]

^[alt text]

^[Main base here we meet and storage our vehs]
^[alt text]

This 2 places are hided after a Rob or a deal we stay there for a while, this place got food and everithing we need for 1 week or more
alt text

^[Our warehouse for save weapons , documents and all stuff]

^[alt text]

^[alt text]

^[Comming soon]

^[alt text]
Should Remind this is RP group!!

Ingame name:
What organization are you apart of?
Which sector you want be Drive/Assault/Hacking and why ?

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