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GSNP - good squad nice policemen - new squad


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The latest squad created on this server, with the following goals - be the best.

2 guys from police side running from criminals while being chased, they survive and become friends after which GSNP was formed.

Ranks: Note that everyone apart from the Leader is a nonexsitant and is treated like a piece of shit
Leader - MWL
Vice Leader - @Bagetto
HQ's - @each
Sub HQ -
Treasurer - noone at the moment
Basic Offier - @Ferthis
Honorary - @Bas , @Dalboeb, @Turbo

Squad details
base location - liberty vice city
level - we already applied for lvl 6
member count - 4
color code - #081276

What is GSNP ?
a squad

Requirements to join:
Be as smart and as thoughtful as possible, @Bagetto and @Ferthis are exeptions
Be at least 50 years old
spawn as police
you need to have at least 3 adminjaills and 1 ban in your record

Our motto
Good Squad Nice Policeman, if u are not in our squad you are a twat

Application Format
real name:
name irl:
real life name:
previous s/g/c:
any bans:
what can u offer:
tell us about ureslf:
post a picture of a police man to even be considered:

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