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Desert Eagles - Official Statement


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Good Morning SAES:RPG,

This is an official statement from Desert Eagles Headquarters (DEHQ).

Since the inception of Desert Eagles (DE) and CLO (Cuban Liberation Organisation), CLO has been orientated to criminals and has exclusively recruited career criminals.

Desert Eagles has been open to both members of the police and criminal organisations. You could be in a TSG or a gang and still be able to join.

After much deliberation, the DEHQ team have decided that from now on only members of the police side will be allowed to join DE. Individuals who are a part of a civilian side will also be able to join DE.

This may be disliked by certain members of the community however; this should have been how DE and CLO were run from the beginning. Criminals have the opportunity to join CLO whereas civilians and members of the police side will be able to join DE.

Additionally, expect to hear upcoming announcements in regards to the DE Navy.

On the behalf of the entire Desert Eagles HQ

alt text

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There goes my chance to join DE as a gang member... I was hoping to meet the great DDoser @Howlze and thank him for his dedication to this server...

I've been training to land on 35 with parachute for the next recruitment

At least Pvt. @ClaR joined DE before you announced that rule

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