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Commando da Capital


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Re: Comando da Capital
Which languages can you speak:~[Arabic,English,little of germany]~(magenta)
Indicate your skills in each language [1-10]:
~[Arabic 10/10 ,English 8/10,Germany 5/10]~(magenta)
In-game playtime hours (hold TAB):
~[83 hours]~(magenta)
Have you been kicked/banned from SAES before? If yes, reasons?:
~[i've kicked from the admin before in a turf war,but actully i asked for the reason and didn't get it.]~(magenta)
Previous G/S/C?:
Why did you leave or got kicked from the G/S/C Above?:
Tell us something about yourself, be self-conscious and explicit:
~[Iam the one who wants to take experience from all gangs and players,iam very helpfull and friendly to other players,iam trying to a big thing in the server but that's my first goal.]~(magenta)
You are good at:
You are bad at:


Explain in a few words. What means Role Play for you:
~[Pretends to be in a real life]~(magenta)
Describe CDC's roleplay role in your own words:
You were starting as a mutineers of the prison system to have a revenge.


Did you read the rules of F1?:
What does "avoiding arrest" mean?:
~[Try to not get yourself arrest,like when the police comes you must be Evaporated]~(magenta)
What does "Death-Matching" mean?:
~[Two teams have the same goal that killing each other one by one.]~(magenta)
Tell us three General Rules (F1) rules:
~[1-The word of any admin or staff is final.
2-No Deathmatching
3-No cheats or trainers.]~(magenta)
Tell us three Turf War rules:
~[1-You are not allowed to aid a turf war while spawned as police, emergency or food dealer
2-If you are killed in a turf while a turf war is going on, it is not counted as deathmatching.
3-You can only use your gangs spawn & hospital spawn during a turf war.]~(magenta)
Tell us three Bank Rob rules:
~[1-You can claim a bank robbery or rob a bank only when a complete team of robbers from your gang
2-One gang is allowed to do a maximum of 3 gang bank robs per day.
3-Members of the gang who are robbing the bank can kill any player inside the bank or immediately outside the bank.]~(magenta)
Tell us three Store Rob rules:
~[1-Killing another player as revenge for being killed, without cause is not allowed.
2- do not interfere with another players gameplay using violence, unless it is part of the game.
3- ]~(magenta)

Why did you choose CDC among all the gangs?:
~[Because,It has an experience and that what i needed,has a good role playing,]~(magenta)
Why should we accept you, how could you benefit us?
~[That depends on your vision and on my skills and as i told you i want the experience,so i wouldn't Betrayon a gang who can succsess that.]~(magenta)
Did any CDC member suggest that you should apply? If yes, Who?:
Have you had the chance to hang around with CDC member? if so, who?:
Important! Post pictures interacting in-game with cdc members (use a spoiler or a link):

![Spoiler Text](image url)
I've took it but i don't know where is the url or the spoiler?


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