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Los INKAS | Level 1 Application


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~[WARNING: Do not reply to this topic unless you are a part of SAES G/S/C Management Team or Los Inkas HQ.]~(red)

  • Must have a gang name and gang tag. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must have a roleplay and background story about your gang. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must be active on the server for at least one month. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must have 1 leader and 1 vice leader. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must have 8 active members (including Leader and Vice-leader). :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must have a media archive at gaming screenshots and a link to this in the gangs application topic. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must have at least $10.000.0000 stored in /gang. :heavy_check_mark:

  • Must be prepared to pay 5.000.000 as level acceptance. :heavy_check_mark:

^[alt text]

^[*Cada instante de la Vida es un paso hacia la Muerte! - Los Inkas *]
^[link text]
^[ alt text ]

In 1980, a small part of the population established in provinces in Peru rose against their authorities causing various riots and terrorist attacks. It is here that the Shining Path organization, better known as the Militarized Communist Party of Peru, emerged with the purpose of replacing the Peruvian institutions, which they consider bourgeois, by a communist peasant revolutionary regime, presumably starting through the Maoist concept of the New Democracy. This purpose spread rapidly since Peru has always been a centralist state and has not paid much attention to the needs of provincial people, leaving them without many basic services, such as water, electricity, and education.
alt text
By 1986, during the arrival of terrorism in the capital Lima, Pedro Pablo Nakada and Alexander Manuel had the opportunity to meet a high-ranking guerrilla with a light trail at the age of 16, these 2 children had to go through the toughest tests, how to leave his family and turn his back on life from such a young age, Carlos Guzmn took them to the battlefield, to the conflict zone, where they participated in different attacks such as the detonation of car bombs in places with a high concentration of pedestrians, murders of military and law enforcement officers, robberies of giant supermarket chains, among other activities of the underworld.
alt text
1987 was the year that everything changed, his colleague Rulli Gonzales introduced them to the business of international drug trade through customs bribes in the port of Callao. Thanks to this Shining Path he was able to supply his soldiers with the basic products and with heavy weapons to continue the fight for control of Peru, it was there that they began to make contact with Cuba, a communist power that quickly became interested in events of Peru, to gain ground by spreading communist ideology to other Latin American communities. In 1990 everything was going better than ever, little by little they managed to seize power and each time it was difficult for police forces to contain the riots and attacks.
alt text
The 3 friends already consolidated as great comrades of the Shining Path and with a drug export business to different countries such as Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba, had the great idea to expand, to reach the highest of the great economic power, the United States. By 1991, with the creation of self-defense committees and paramilitary groups that did not distinguish between a civilian and terrorist, the power of the Shining Path began to decline, as with all empires they always have to fall since there is nothing that lasts forever. As a last resort, remnants of this organization requested political asylum in Cuba, there are 3 leaders fought not to lose their business and maintain their influence among the different communities of Havana and achieve the American dream in the future. In a boat looking at what could be the best opportunity of their lives, they arrived in the state of Red County for 1997.
alt text
With a low profile and new identities, they began to make the efforts to build their own empire. For personal reasons Carlos moved away from the project, but we still had the opportunity to meet other illegal Latino immigrants to gain strength and establish ourselves.
A boy of the age of Pedro and Alexander but with an incomparable potential and convincing power, such as the leader of the Shining Path. We decided to give him a position of high responsibility as Leader, with faith that he could help us to have a great time like in Peru. We could not be more wrong, at the end of 2006 we gave him a lot of money to buy large snow merchandise. We never saw him again after that unfortunate event, we only know that they found his body in a pit for Stolen Land, he was totally destroyed, apparently, some feds were following each of our steps. With the fall of our Leader, little by little we were losing strength, members, influence, at that moment we realized that everything would come to an end and that we could not do anything to fix it. Years passed, each one went by his side of the other, some chose his family and others simply decided to do work for another organization. It was at that moment that Carlos returned and saw that the empire that he once started was left. By 2018, Carlos gathered his former comrades Pedro and Alexander and they began to rebuild the project with a revelation date for December 24, 2019.

^[alt text]

INKAS, more than a word is a way of acting, a tribute to the empire that once reigned over Latin America, in addition to the terrorist group that dominated Peru during the 90s, putting the government of that time in check and that currently as a thought has left mark on some areas of America. Now in Red County, there is no distinction, those who respect and put into practice our way of thinking are invited to our family and community. Our activities are very varied but the most important are Drug Trafficking, armed robberies, jailbreaks, commissioned killings, and influence peddling.

^[alt text]

Gang Level: 0
Gang Name: Los INKAS
Gang Panel: Los_INKAS
Gang Leader (INKA): @chafloque
Gang Vice-Leader (Imperial Consul): @RadiO
Gang HeadQuarter(s) (Nobility of Blood or Consigliere): @Spartan , @Huaynito & @Hedi010
Gang Tags: [INKAS] ( For Full Members ), [INKAS*] ( For Chasquis ), Ikas| ( For Helpers )
Gang Motto: Cada instante de la Vida es un paso hacia la Muerte! - Los Inkas *
Gang Value: ~[$50,000,000]~(green)
Gang Color: ~[
Date Of Fondation: 24th December 2019

^[alt text]

  • Level 5:
    ^[The leader of the organization, considered a deity, makes sure that the business runs in the best way. The decisions he makes must be heard and respected.]

  • Level 4:
    ^[Imperial Consul]
    ^[In the absence of the leader, the consul is present as a war strategist capable of commanding his soldiers when war is taking place. You can also make administrative decisions but always with the permission of the leader.]
    ^[Nobility of Blood or Consigliere (HQ):]
    ^[He makes sure to maintain the moderation of the empire, has all the confidence of those above to make decisions and gives ideas and suggestions to maintain a stable community.]

  • Level 3:
    ^[Nobility of privilege (sHQ):]
    ^[The members that prove their worth and respect towards the empire, have all the possibility of taking a position of high importance like this. With authorization, he can make internal decisions.]

  • Level 2:
    ^[Mitimaes (Soldier):]
    ^[He either belonged to the gang or an outsider but his role is to take instructions from Consigliere and execute them smoothly and in such a way that the attention wasnt drawn to the gangs activities..]

  • Level 1:
    ^[Amautas (Members):]
    ^[He is the one who makes the empire work, and who is responsible for maintaining power among the other guerrilla groups. He listens to the decisions of the leaders and can give ideas for the common good.]

  • Level 0:
    ^[Chasquis (Probationary People):]
    ^[He is the one that we can consider as a part of the empire, but without the necessary confidence to be able to take the account. He can gain trust with mutual contact with members.]

  • Helpers:
    ^[Ikas (Helper):]
    ^[Someone who identifies with the empire and help it from outside.]

^[alt text]

^[Level 5]
^[INKA: @chafloque ~[]~(orange)]

^[Level 4]
^[Imperial Consul: @RadiO ~[]~(silver)]
^[Nobility of Blood or Consigliere (HQ):]
^[@Huaynito ~[]~(#3d2713)]
^[@Spartan ~[]~(#3d2713)]
^[@Hedi010 ~[]~(#3d2713)]

^[Level 3]
^[Nobility of privilege (sHQ):]

^[Level 2]
^[Mitimaes (Soldier):]
^[ @ShadowDLink]
^[ @antraxx]

^[Level 1]
^[Amautas (Members):]
^[ @KeoLands]
^[ @gothboi]
^[ @Zockeraffe]
^[ @Levski1914]
^[ @kolyovskii1914]
^[ @DrMishaBandikut]

^[Level 0]
^[Chasquis (Probationary People):]
^[ @SeriousGamer05]
^[ @Dabu69]
^[ @Osama]
^[ @ThiFran]
^[ @xRayy122]
^[ @Chaikos]
^[ @leitox]
^[ @Koe]
^[ @Rodrics]

^[Ikas (Helper): Someone who identifies with the empire and help it from outside.]

^[ @Kybali0n]
^[ @Bartman]
^[ @Teddy]
^[ @Velona]
^[ @XX3]

^[Member Count: ~[26]~(lime)]
^[Inactive Members: ~[3]~(red)]

^[alt text]

^[Los INKAS Base]
^[alt text]

^[Los INKAS Warehouse]
^[alt text]

^[Los INKAS Drug Laboratory]
alt text

^[Los INKAS Weapons Storehouse]
alt text

^[Los INKAS Hotel Business]
alt text

^[alt text]

^[Total Inkas Activitys: 151]
^[Total Events: 46]
^[Total Roleplays: 22]

^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[If you wish to have fun with our family members feel free to join our discord server by clicking on the banner above.]
^[alt text]

^[Below you can find Los Inkas regulations and policies. Breaking any of those may accord in either a warning or - in specific cases - in an immediate kick out of Los Inkas, those rules should be common to every member of the Gang - no matter if higher- or lower-ranked, those rules concern EVERYONE!]

  • We appreciate players who are able to follow rules, thats why you should read and try to follow SAES rules ( F1 ).

  • Don't insult, argue, spam or talk about rulebreaking in Main or Team chat. Remember this is only a game, don't take stuff too serious, if someone is provoking you just tell him to shut the fuck up, easy as that. No need to argue over in the main chat. Or make a party and speak there.

  • Mainly in our Gang, there are higher ranks when you join, listen to what they have to say, obey their orders and dont be annoying

  • Respect admins/staff members and obey their orders.

  • You are always allowed to spawn as a policeman while being a part of Los Inkas, just put Cop.Nickname while playing as a cop. Dont bust your gangmates or our allied organizations.

  • Asking for promotion is the best way to get a demotion.

  • Be mature, act mature, and behave nicely with the community players.

  • RP in every situation you can. You are not obliged to roleplay with anyone if you are busy, but it would be nice to do at least some roleplays when you are free.

^[alt text]


^[Recruitment status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)]



  • Must be at least 15 years old.

  • Must be able to RP on your own way with other gangs/squads.

  • Must be patient, your answer will be given in the shortest time possible, being inpatient will result in denied.


  • If you apply for Los Inkas and at the same time for another gang/squad/company, consider yourself denied and if that happens more than once, then dont even consider applying again for Los Inkas because youll be Blacklisted.

  • Try to write your own application because our HQ team will know if you copied anything from other applications.

  • If you get answered with pending or under review dont think that youre in, that means you need to hang out as much as you can and prove that you are worthy and that you have the quality to be a part of the family.

  • Hanging with us before applying is very useful and much respected by Los Inkas HQs and Members.

  • Liars wont be tolerated! If we find that you lied in your application however good it is, youll get perm denied because our policy is strict and clear and well keep it like that how for long we can.

  • After being denied you have to wait at least 2 weeks before re-applying in case the HQ who answered your application didn't tell you when you can re-apply.

  • If you understood all our requirements and you are fully aware of them you are free to write YOUR OWN application !


^[Application Format]


**I-Personal Informations:**
**Ingame username:**
**Spoken Languages:**
**Tell us more about your self:**


**II-Skills evaluation:**
**English language (0/10):**
**Roleplaying skills (0/10):**
**Driving skills (0/10):**


**Previous Punishments and reason:**
**Previous organizations youve been in and the reason why you Kicked/left them:**


**Explain to us Los Inkas roleplay in your own words:**
**Why would you like to join Los Inkas and how can you benefit us?:**
**Why we should accept you?**

After applying, wait for an answer. The response will be given by any of the HQ's within the next few days, so don't bother us by asking for the answer. The possible answers are as follows:

~[ACCEPTED]~(lime) - If we answer your application with this, that means that we found your application good enough for giving you a chance to join Los Inkas. But this answer doesnt mean you will get an instant invite, you will have to do a talk with the HQ Team so we can confirm that you didnt copy the application or that somebody else wrote it for you. Its a small test with a few questions.

~[PENDING]~(orange) - If we answer your application with this, that means your application was kind of good but still you should spend more time with Los Inkas members. Also, that doesnt mean only HQs, feel free to ask any full member for hanging out. After some time, we will decide if you deserve a test and a chance. The test will consider driving, shooting and a questionnaire. You need to pass all 3 parts to join us.

~[UNDER REVIEW]~(gray) - We are still not sure about you. Your application was neither good nor bad and we will take some time to get an answer for you. Be sure to keep hanging with Los Inkas members for this time.

~[DENIED]~(red) - Your application was bad and you didnt put enough effort into it. You can get permanent denied or just temporarily denied. With permanent deny, you wont have any chance to join us and you are blacklisted, dont even try to hang with us. If you get temporary deny, you can still hang with us and maybe an apply again after some time.

^[~[Cada instante de la Vida es un paso hacia la Muerte! - Los Inkas ]~(#4a092b,#4a092b,#4a092b,#4a092b,#4a092b)]

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Updated, Los Inkas new record with 11 members on!
^[alt text]
^[alt text]

During the past month we have made 159 posts divided as following:
^[alt text]

Thanks to everyone who supported and motivated us with their help and donations.

On behalf of Los Inkas HQ Team,
Los Inkas Imperial Consul,

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  • 4 weeks later...

^[alt text]

Hello there, hope you all having a great day. First, I'd like to thank everyone who helped us to reach this point, it is appreciated. Second, I'd like to announce that after our leader has been inactive for some real-life problems, Los Inkas High Table agreed on giving the gang Leadership to @chafloque let's hope he won't let us down. Also, I'd like to welcome @Hedi010 a.k.a Aurora within our HQ team, after showing a good effort, loyalty and maturity also being respectful to the community and the gang members, Aurora is the one chosen to be our new Consigliere. @Edu and @sak01 both got promoted to Nobility of Privilege (sHQ)for the same reasons. Finally, I'd like to announce that Los Inkas Promotion video is now out thanks @San-Andreas-Studios and @NORI999 for the good work and effort, appreciated.

^[link text]

Since the first day (24/12/2019) we have made a total of 237 posts on our media archive which is divided as the following:
^[alt text]

On behalf of Los Inkas HQ Team
Los Inkas Imperial Consul

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