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Discord Servers - Official Listing


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Discord is all-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's completely free, secure and works on all platforms. It's something like Team Speak 3 and IRC combined into 1 and you can even use it from your internet browser, if you don't want to download desktop/smartphone application. Link to Discord website, where you can learn more about this great application: https://discordapp.com/

Below are the primary Discord servers revolving around SAES and Multi Theft Auto.
SAES: https://discord.gg/MR64u4T
Multi Theft Auto: https://discord.gg/RygaCSD

Discords used by SAES Organizations

~[Official Gangs]~(darkred)

@Arms-Assassins - https://discord.gg/V6H5gpP
@Black-Bullets - https://discord.gg/SgRYXpQ
@Comando-Da-Capital - https://discord.gg/kmEJBHsfhh
@CripZ - https://discord.gg/WhNtPwQ
@Ghost-Triad - https://discord.gg/wWR5hPbPYt
@Hell-Soldiers - https://discord.gg/d3gnCvd4jG
@Medelln-Cartel - https://discord.gg/p2jzqNbwZk
@Organization-Zero - https://discord.gg/knajq38
@Royal-Flush - https://discord.gg/An2bH6SsBH
@South-Side-Blazers - https://discord.gg/Zg2RSp9UUg
@The_Company - https://discord.gg/RV5NkNEQ3s
@The_Outfit - https://discord.gg/HcZX9By
@Underground-Empire - https://discord.gg/8wEgQYu


~[Official Squads]~(darkblue)
@Federal-Bureau-of-Investigation - https://discord.gg/VMuGd2a
@S-W-A-T - https://discord.gg/PhnyfJm
@San-Andreas-Federal-Police - https://discord.gg/fPZYDf4
@The-Strike-Team - https://discord.gg/CeQTcd5w

~[Non-Official Squads]~(darkblue)

~[Official Criminal groups]~(red)
@Cuban-Liberation-Organisation - https://discord.gg/9HVdAre5eK
@Outbreak-Organization - https://discord.gg/dvQTvSR58W

~[Non-Official Criminal groups]~(red)

~[Official Civilian groups]~(orange)
@All-Load-Trucking - https://discord.gg/8ewEqCp
@Cuban-Cars - https://discord.gg/Ew3rDfNNeq
@Cunning-Stunts - https://discord.gg/qWDyQmCAv7
@Global-Express-Trucking-Company - https://discord.gg/mnn3txvBRC
@Lightning-World-Sports - https://discord.gg/mPTGyVvjQY
@Lounge-Venture-Capital - https://discord.gg/BCrCCKnzPv
@raceTECH - https://discord.gg/5jHRxYM
@Radio-SA - https://discord.gg/4jUvTmu
@San-Andreas-Fire-Department - https://discord.gg/ZqX3697PQR
@San-Andreas-Medics - https://discord.gg/eYbaFwq
@San-Andreas-Studios - https://discord.gg/DE7WKTG
@TMH-The-Motor-Heads - https://discord.gg/u9Uj7Sg
@ZIP-Planning-and-Construction - https://discord.gg/C6CjSFS

~[Non-Official Civilian groups]~(orange)
@BRINKS - https://discord.gg/P5wh5qrgVM

~[Official Policing]~(blue)
@Desert-Eagles - https://discord.gg/NW5x4nr
@San-Andreas-Interceptors - x
@SAPD-PC-Qualified-Officers - https://discord.gg/Aa7rGGq

~[Non-Official Policing]~(blue)


Government - https://discord.gg/2ngatFx

Other Servers

SAES Gang Management - https://discord.gg/TDrDDhRUrz
SAES Group Management - https://discord.gg/HYKABNyqQS
SAES Squads - https://discord.gg/ktwnC5v27s

Leave a comment here if you have your own Discord server and want to get it added to the list above.

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