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Five-0 | Level 3 Application


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^[Discord channel: https://discord.gg/YDr5xA7]

^[Recruitment status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)]

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Establishment date: 1 August 2019 (Click here)
Honoured: Terry, Fluid, Gjones, Hamilton & Ramby.
Current Level: 2
Media archive: Click here
Roster: Click here
Squad tags: Five-0|
Bank balance: Classified.
Motto: Leave no man behind!
Colour code: ~[#34eded]~(#34eded,#34eded,#34eded)

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Steven Jack ''Steve'' McGarrett was born in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1977. He dreamed of being a cop in his childhood days, hence when he grew up, he went to the police academy in Hawaii, where he met Chin Ho Kelly for the first time. Things didn't go as he planned though, and Steve was sent to the Navy Academy in California for his junior and senior years. Steve graduated from US Naval Academy and went on to have a distinguished career. The time he spent in the military is mostly unknown due to the highly classified nature of most of his missions. In one of his latest missions, Steve was deployed to Afghanistan alongside his best friend Freddie, their objective was to eliminate one of the most wanted terrorists, and indeed they were successful, but Freddie had to sacrifice himself so that Steve could survive. This incident affected Steve deep down his heart and he started blaming himself for the death of his best friend Freddie. Steve thought that it didn't really feel the same after the loss of his friend, and he jumped at the chance to leave when Governor of Hawaii asked him to set up the task force. As a result of joining the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force, Steve also joined the Reserves which means that while he can aid and participate in active investigations that the team usually handle, there's also the chance that Steve can be recalled to active duty or given orders to go on a new albeit classified mission for the Navy. The task force has been very successful in Hawaii, crime rates were dropped to almost none just in 2 years, and at this point, he received a medal of honour, handed by The President himself, and he was asked to move his task force to San Andreas, where the crime was a big problem, until the arrival of Five-0 Task Force.

Steve took a flight from Hawaii to San Andreas and arrived in Las Venturas, that was where he had planned to build the new Five-0 Headquarters, and was welcomed by The President himself of that time. They drove to Los Santos in a limo to have a meeting in White House and the details of Five-0 Task Force was discussed. San Andreas was suffering a lot because of criminal activities, and Five-0 was granted full immunity to stop them at any cost, they called it San Andreas Five-0 and that is how the task force was created.

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Five-0 is a distinguished government task force. The squad's current duty is to help the state in the fight against various crimes, to assist other law enforcement agencies when they require a professional hand and last but not least, to rid San Andreas soil from corruption and murder as well as any and all threats of terrorism. Five-0 uses the latest tech tools in their headquarters in order to track down criminals and bring them into custody. We normally don't look into petty crimes, that's the job of city police departments and county sheriff departments, unless we are asked to assist. We also welcome all our citizens in our headquarters and use our resources to help them out about the cases that couldn't be solved by local police departments.

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~[====== Five-0 Management ======]~(navy)

Leader - [L] - ~[(Commander - Level 5)]~(silver)
The undisputed owner of the squad. Responsible for everything related to the squad.

Vice Leader - [VL] - ~[(Vice Commander - Level 4)]~(silver)
The right hand of the leader.

Sub Leader - [SL] - ~[(Sub Commander - Level 4)]~(silver)
Head of the HQ team and representative of the squad when it comes to outside stuff.

HQ - [HQ] - ~[(Chief of Staff - Level 3)]~(silver)
Members of the squad management and responsible for maintaining the media archive and scouting new members.

~[====== Five-0 Agents ======]~(navy)

Senior Field Agent - |SFA - ~[(Level 2)]~(silver)
Members who have proven themselves to be valuable in Five-0, these people are the trusted members of the task force.

Field Agent - |FA - ~[(Level 1)]~(silver)
Members who have successfully passed their probationary time, in other words, full members of the task force.

Probationary Agent - |PA - ~[(Level 0)]~(silver)
Members who have just proved themselves worthy to wear a Five-0 badge.


Founder: This title can only be achieved by the members who have joined the squad when it was unofficial and made a huge contribution in order to make Five-0 official.

Honoured: This title is only to be given to members who have been a part of Five-0 for a long time and took a huge part in Five-0 history.

VIP: You don't need to be a Five-0 member in order to be able to achieve this title. People who have helped Five-0 from outside are awarded with VIP title.

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  • Follow all the server rules in F1, don't try to break them.

  • What happens in clan chat stays in clan chat. Don't leak anything out.

  • Be honest with each other, if you feel like saying something, do it out loud.

  • Be respectful to all of your squad mates. We will not tolerate any bad behaviour.

  • You can arrest players with any wanted level, from 1 to 42. We won't tell you what to do with criminals.

  • You can bribe anyone you want. We won't be forcing a stupid rule about that, do as you like.

  • You must wear Five-0| tags while spawned as Five-0.

  • Don't argue with other people in mainchat. If they provoke you, simply use /ignore nickname and move on.

  • Don't even think of asking for a level up, it would only show you are not a Five-0 material.

  • We won't be kicking any members out of the squad for being inactive, even the littlest effort will always be appreciated.

  • Please stick to mostly English in clan chat in order for everyone to understand. If you speak non-English, don't spam it.

  • You can stay AFK as long as you want, if the server itself doesn't forbid AFKing, we don't feel the need to do so as well. Although it'd be good if you add |AFK to your nickname while you're away, so we can recognize that you're away.

  • Last but not least, always have fun! It's our main goal, it will always be our main goal, because that's why we started Five-0, to have fun. We're doing what we are good at, we are doing what we enjoy doing.

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^[alt text]
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^[Five-0 Headquarters]

^[alt text]

For the rest of our properties please visit: https://imgur.com/a/QuK26tP

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How do you join Five-0?

Make sure you join our discord channel first, regardless of the recruitment status. You can find the invitation link at the top of the topic. You also need to read our entire topic to understand the role of the squad within the server and to have a bit of foreknowledge about the squad you're applying for.

If the recruitment is open, copy the application format below, fill it by yourself and post it as a reply to this topic, but if the recruitment is closed, let one of the authorised people know that you're interested in joining Five-0.

From now on, unless our recruitment is closed, everyone who wants to join Five-0 must go through the application procedure, do not message any of Five-0 HQs about being interested in joining Five-0, unless you have already applied. Failure to follow this rule will result in you being immediately denied.*

The HQ still holds the rights to invite new agents to the task force without an official application if they deem worthy, but that is rare.

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Application Form

~[*Do not remove the application formatting, and don't bother putting the Five-0 Logo on top of your application.]~(silver)

**Your ingame nickname:**
**Your ingame account name:**
**Your real name:**
**Your country of residence:**
**Year of birth:**
**Languages spoken:**
**How long have you been playing:**
**Previous gangs/squads:**
**Current official group memberships:**
**Previous official group memberships:**
**Reason for application:**
**Future plans if you succeed joining Five-0:**
**Did you join our discord yet?:**
**Your strengths:**
**Your weaknesses:**
**Additional information (optional):**
**Link to your archive forums profile (optional):**

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