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The final chapter.


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Hello guys, As you might know I am here to announce that OverdoseCrime Is officially closed for good, I would like to personally thank everyone who supported us, Everyone who tried to help and everyone who was a part of this gang even If It was for a little bit of time, I don't want to make this so long to read for everyone, but I also want to take the opportunity and apologise If anything happened from "us" as a family towards anyone, Ya'll should know and be sure that I did everything I could to fix anything In the gang, I was stupid sometimes yes but I was trying and I was doing everything I can, I learnt a lot from this family and I even learnt from the members.

I would also love to thank @Rover , @Cruz , @Jeffforthewin , @Gotchi , @Jizzy and a lot more ... For everything, You guys were the best mates I've ever met, That'd be It.

Thank you all & Rest In peace OverdoseCrime.

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