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Removing the right to use military weapons from the criminals



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I know this would never happen, but in an ideal world I believe the accessibility of certain weapons should be controlled related to the RP context of a spawn.

On top of that, I think ammo capacities should be changed. For example, the guy dressed in camo with magazine pouches all over should be holding 6-10 magazines of ammo for his M4 compared to the cop in uniform who would have a magazine or two on his service belt rather than how it is currently with everyone being armed to the teeth with enough ammo to fight in WW3.

The smaller the weapon, the more ammo you can carry due to smaller magazines and whatnot.

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I have a few ideas that we can consider on this topic

  1. What weapons will criminals have access to?

Weapons that can be bought by all classes from arms dealers and at ammunation.
Melee Weapons: ( bought at ammunation )
Brass knuckles
pool cue
golf club
baseball bat

Handguns: ( bought at ammunation and arms dealers )
silenced pistol

Shotguns: ( bought at ammunation and arms dealers )
Maybe* Sawnoff shotgun ( <---They are annoying and I think they should be harder to get. )

Sub-machine guns: ( bought at ammunation and arms dealers )

  1. Raiding Ammunations
    This could be an event similar to Bank Robberies and Store robberies.
    Think of a gang braking into an Ammunation to steal high powered rifles and machine guns.
    Here is something i'm think of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvlDPj_eDtc
    Extra info on the news story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWK6HQs5XSM

Weapons that can be gained from raiding
Maybe* Desert Eagle

Sub-machine guns:

Assault rifles:
Maybe* M4

Sawnoff shotgun
Maybe* Combat shotgun

Sniper Rifles:
Country Rifle
Maybe* Sniper Rifle

Maybe* Grenade

  1. Lastly, note that I put maybe before some of these weapons. I believe that these weapons are military grade and are still too strong for regular use. Also raiding Ammunation could be too simple to gain access to these weapons.

This idea sparked a lot of interest in me as it would dramatically change game play for almost everyone. I look forward to your own ideas and critiques to my own.

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@Human_ said in Removing the right to use military weapons from the criminals:

Would you suggest this if you didn't get DE two days ago?

He only wants to restrict it to criminals. Cops get to use the military guns
regardless of this suggestion being implemented or not. What makes it even worse is that majority of the voters are people from the cop side, so they won't be affected by this suggestion. I get it that all of you get mad when someone from the criminal side suggests something that may not be in favour of cops, but don't go even lower and suggest something like this lol. This is another example of where the fun aspect of the server gets overlooked, so I disagree with this idea.

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Also lets remove every weapon they are useless and dont make sense and equip de with miniguns that will do well to the gameplay, you want realism, shut down the pc and face the real world, but sadly reality is boring thats why we play games do drugs and fall in depression.. yeh but de4win ofc

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Yes cuz cops totally don't have more accessories than us ffs.. If you weren't in DE or if you weren't a cop you'd never say this.. We're criminals after all, we steal things etc, no offense but this is one of the most dumb suggestions I've seen in a while.

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