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[SUGGESTION] Ending the whole "balancing" issue



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Now - before you vote, downvote - whatever you do, then actually take the five minutes to read the topic.

To begin with, within the last <6 months there has been the following changes within the Official Squads / Police side:

  • Allowing HLS at bank robberies when CLO is present
    Now - I understand some may see this as an unfair advantage, as it welcomes another group with armor into the bank robbery scenarios. Sure, I get that. The funny fact is just, that everyone who is currently in HLS is also a member of Desert Eagles, which means: they would arrive with armor anyway. Let's just scratch that part as an excuse for any balancing issues for now.

  • The creation of the SAES Squads Discord
    THIS. This is what has changed the whole game for the balance issue, whereas criminals had a far greater advantage due to the lack of police units showing up at bank robberies. We have dedicated channels within our Discord that is for pinging whenever there is a bank robbery, jailbreak or alike. Thereby, people who may not be spawned as a police officer in-game, or may not even be in-game - comes online, and attends the bank robbery/jailbreak. THIS is why the cop side is doing great at balancing the cop to criminal ratio in high-end gameplay (bank robberies & jailbreaks).

Now, there has been a subject brought to light, which is removing kill arrest within bank robberies and jailbreaks ... but why? It has been here for ages, and it has never been an issue up until the cop side got a (somewhat) activity rise. I simply can't comprehend why this is suddenly an issue.

A solution

With the upcoming changes to Los Santos bank (you're welcome, by the way), there is going to be an enhanced interior which balances the entire gameplay for both sides (cops and criminals). What I propose is, when this releases (should be within next week or so), we could run a trial period, which would go as following:

For the firsts fourteen days, we will have kill arrest enabled inside the new Los Santos bank interior, seeing how the result is - how often do the criminals fail their bank robberies? And no, getting 5, 6 or 7 out of 8 safes is not failing (it shouldn't be, when you consider the interior is more balanced).

After the fourteen days period has passed, we disable kill arrest and review the result of successful bank robberies hereafter.

This is to compare how balanced it would be with, or without kill arrest.

Post your opinion about this - and let's stop turning this topic into a drama-filled topic, where you express all your whining. Let's have a civilized conversation about the ordeal.

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@Adistar said in [SUGGESTION] Ending the whole "balancing" issue:

Honestly if I were to give my solution, I would say let cops earn money from killing criminals in br, but let the crims respawn instead of getting jailed. Sounds like a compromise, no? Maybe have it like that instead of complete removal of killarrest

Not a bad suggestion, don't necessarily agree with it... but it's not bad idea. Just keep SAES how it is and were fine..

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