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LAPD_Spanish_VEN Application

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  • Section A: Personal information:

Nickname: LAPD_English_VEN

Account Name: lapd0070

Age: 16

Country of residence: Argentina

Main language: Spanish

Since when you've been playing in SAES: RPG: 4 years - active for 4 months

Current S / G / C and rank: Sergeant in Immigration & Customs Enforcements

Other RP groups you are in: -

Previous groups in which you were involved (Include the reason for the game): -

Mention (with reason) about any punishment I have received in the past: The fact is that my brother played in another account on my own computer, so it was the access to my account, the account of the no It was open again. He received two adminjail by DM and one by bug.

alt text

  • Section B: General questionnaire:

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words):
It is the emergency response team that is responsible for all health control in the state of San Andreas. Emergency medical responses and administration of all medical centers.

What is SAM's motto: always there when we most need each other

Who founded SAM: Joe aka Daryl

Who is the current leader: JohnnyEnglish

How long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server: Occasionally, not very often

Mention a rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: Serve Police and Criminals without exception

Mention a rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: Do not help police officers to arrest, nor do criminals escape from politics, they are only there to provide medical attention.

Can you assure us of a certified periodic activity: Of course if, as long as I have the possibility, I will

alt text

  • Section C : Skills:

1 - How would you respond to the criticism of a superior: Respond to your requirements in the best way to improve my performance, if they do, it is for their good and what they want to help.

2 - Why are you applying exactly today: Because medical coverage in BR and JB is currently very low, I want to help improve medical coverage and rapid response

3 - What are your strengths and weaknesses: Well, I know very well the mechanisms of the game and the rules, my serious flaw that I don't have very good English.

4 - Why should we accept it in our team: Because I think I am a friendly player and I want to help improve medical coverage.

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Dear @LAPD_Spanish_VEN ;

Unfortunately, the decision made by our members and the hq team is a negative one for you. When you decide to become more active in the game, feel free to reapply.

Application Denied.

Best Regards

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