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Los Escondidos level 2 application


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^[Never disclose your true identity - Los Escondidos]

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Los Escondidos The hidden
This is our story, let's call it the end that became the beginning.
This story began long ago, in a country of which name must not be disclosed for our safety.
The year was 1986 if I remember correctly. Me @linkan and @SWEMAN used to be part of the mafia in the undisclosed country, we did all sort of criminal activity, for the money, for the recognition and for the power. The cops were on to us, very close actually, for a very long time. Most heists were successful, we got in, we performed on top, we got out. That's how it was supposed to be. Except for the last one, the big one. We made one simple mistake that lead the cops to us, and that was the end of it, at least for a while. Most of us were caught, some of us were killed but the two of us were to never be seen again(?)

We fled the country making as little noise as possible, posing as tourists in our own country. And after a long journey, we ended up in South America, where we had to lay low for a long time. We had nothing, no more, everything that used to be our life and part of our life was seized by the police. We quickly realized that without money we would not survive, we looked for low-end jobs, the ones that could be done by people who did not speak the language, some paid better than others, we barely made enough to go around. We did this for many many years, we met a lot of people but couldnt tell anyone who we really were or where we came from.

New chance
This continued until the day we met the man who got us into San Andreas using assumed identities. And here we are, the two who were never to be seen again, laying low, not making much noise. Still wanted in another part of the world, where we will probably never set foot again, we do what we need to stay hidden. To stay together.

^[alt text]

Who we are?
We are Los Escondidos, the remains of a grand mafia, now trying to stay hidden. We work behind closed doors, posing as a yet another car workshop. For the simple reason that no one should be able to track our footsteps. Our workshop is our base, the inside is mostly filled with crates, not a single one empty, these are where we store our goods; the drugs, the ammunition, the weapons, and Linkan's "secret magazines".

We started recruiting new fellows to Los Escondidos a short while ago, yet none of them knows who we truly are.
We see this gang as a project, one that we would like to become a milestone in this community and the people surrounding it.

Gang motto: "Never disclose your true identity!"
Gang level: 1
Founders: @linkan, @SWEMAN
HQ team: @linkan, @SWEMAN, @Twenta @Smokey187
Gang color code: #A88F71
Gang color RGB: 168 143 113
Gang value: 90.000.000+
Gang tag: LE>Sweman / LE*>Linkan
Gang Forum Group: @Los-Escondidos
Media archive: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/11898/los-escondidos-media-archive
Date of creation: 2019-09-11
Gang discord server: https://discord.gg/PpQnXCc

^[alt text]

Base (SF Docks, big empty space) [We do not own the property yet]
prop 1

Warehouse at LV (near pay 'n' spray)
prop 2

^[alt text]
Level 5 & 4: HQ TEAM
Los Jefes

Los Reales
@Darius - Off duty

Level 3-1: Members
Los Soldados



Level 0 New & Inactive members
Los perodos de prueba


Total Member Count: 30

Warning System

We are strictly against rulebreaking.
We will not be handing out random warnings.
If we get a report about someone who is rulebreaking, we will most likely give that person a warning.

Three warnings are what we usually require to kick someone from the gang. It depends on the reason behind the warnings. We will not kick people without being able to explain it.

^[alt text]

  • Respect the server rules in F1, and every player within the game.

  • No unnecessary discussions are to be held in the main chat.

  • Do not DM any members who are AFK, nor those who do not wish to be killed.

  • Do not ask for promotions.

^[alt text]

alt text
Our media archive is where we will be uploading activities and can be found here

^[alt text]

How to join:

Joining us is a simple procedure, Simply press the image bellow and you fill the answeres with your own answers, we recommend that you check it twice before submitting it, we will get back to you within a reasonable time. Applications that look good to us will be undergoing further investigation and be marked as pending. In short terms, that means we want you to hang around with us in-game to give us a chance to get to know you better, if we believe that you will fit into our gang we will invite you. Applications that do not meet our requirements or simply do not fit in will likely get marked as [Denied]. Please keep in mind that applications may also get either [Accepted] or [Denied] for other reasons.

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