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[POLL] Bring back old players's blips system? (For a temp. testing time)


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Dear community:

1-2 days ago, we (SAES clan) had a small discussion on our private Discord between some clan members about the old players's blips system (which was used back at years ago). There were some different opinions and point of views.

Personally? I'd like to have it back as I think it was much better before with the old players's blips system. I'll quote my own opinion (which I gave on Discord) about this matter:

alt text

The idea of this topic/poll is to ask all of you (SAES's community) if you would like to bring the old players's blips system back for a temp. testing time of 1 month. After that? There'll be a new topic/poll about if you want to keep the old system or the new system.

And here is a screenshot from 2011 about how did the radar look back then (and the map too if you would open it... full of players blips):

Maybe there could be some way to make it toggleable between old and new systems. Post your opinions/thoughts below if you want to say something and vote in the poll! :)

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Damn rampage I used to love that but as of now Gangs/squads matters would be involved into that I think most people won't agree on having it back, That Logistic work is gonna be pretty hard to make. I personally loved it back in the days.

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With a limit of ~400 metres so the minimap doesn't become full of spam yeah (except party and gang members who appear all the time)

Change "field of view" to simply 'players nearby', if necessary as a 'compromise' then cops could/should get a way to toggle their blips off for x seconds with a cooldown of a few minutes, and CLO/DE should have a toggle to turn it on and off in general.

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Well, It seems like a good idea, but to be honest, this might cause another problem namely things getting more complicated and when new players see 100 different things most of which are in different colors on the minimap they could be deterred from playing because they don't know what's going on. At least that's how I was when I joined the server.
I have to admit I have no idea how this version of the minimap worked. I assume this feature can be turned off, because ppl wouldn't like their minimap filled with unnecessary blips, so the best option is when new players join a message or something appears saying " Click F9 to see all players on the minimap".
This raises another problem. Do you see everyone on the server or only people in their team, since cops, for example, can use this feature to check if crims are preparing for a BR or something (when they see a lot of criminals piling up at an AP or a gang's base). I assume it's the latter one but can you provide more info about it and how it works?

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I can see the advantages and disadvantages to both side
Like cops won't be able to use stealth tactics to flank
But cops will also know when something is up when they see 30 criminal blips on top of each other
So I will go with the neutral option unless what I saw on discord about unwanted Crims and civilians only being shown then I would vote for a yes

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  • More alive server by just looking at the map (Good for new players which we are lacking off)

  • More interaction with players as you can actively find people (Good for RP which we are lacking off)

  • Sneaking issue can be solved with gadgets (E.g. blip jammer or something where u can toggle it for 10 seconds with a cooldown afterwards)

FYI: Rampage posted the old old blips which showed every blip also on the mini map. It should show only the blips in your proximity on the mini map so your mini map wont be clutered

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I'd vote positively if cops weren't included.

99% of cop gameplay is sneaking up on someone or setting traps, I think that this will largely negatively impact the cop society.
Not a fan of blipless switch with cooldown idea either, already have enough of /gunfix mashing 24/7. Sometimes I spend minutes hiding behind the nearby wall and waiting for the perfect moment to show up and try arresting. Limited time blipless option does not allow prolonged planning.

Cops are always greatly outnumbered, if made visible on the map they will rarely if ever reach a group of criminals unnoticed.
Argument that cops would benefit from this is mild, we've already K panel and Dispatcher for tracking, ability to see unwanted players is rarely desired.

On the other hand I do like the idea; for everyone else except for cops. As previously said it makes the server look more active. It can be useful to locate players that you want to play with. Whatsoever potentially ruining cop gameplay in order to make the server look more active is something I'd never agree with.

Don't get me wrong now, it can affect criminals negatively too. All those SRs and BRs that rarely if ever fail will now fail even less often.
Cops will get near you far less often, because you will see them on the map. I doubt that you'd enjoy an even less challenging experience than it already is.

Tl;dr - Yes if cops not visible to others or are entirely excluded from the whole idea.

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@DROT maybe cops will even become more active when seeing other pigs to patrol with + harder br regrouping with easyer knowledge when regrouping will be a thing. we can test it & watch how it works, but i believe it could even boost copside. specially when pigmaster terry have his spawn alrdy & give free kebabs for new pigs

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