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Account Name:Rottenpipe40 currently Gentle(nickname)
Primary Language:Arabic
Other Languages you speak:English

How long have you been playing MTA:30 hours
How long have you been playing SAES: RPG:30 hours
Do you have a ProCop diploma? If no, please specify why: I don't know what is that
Previous G/S/C memberships and why you left: this is my first place to register in
Why do you wish to join the FBI:because I liked there teamwork and there efficiency
Why should we accept you:Because server needs more Squads
Previous bans or admin jails:yeah 1 admin jail for 7minutes because of revenge Dm

Are you a former FBI member:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state when you left the Bureau:no
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state why did left the Bureau:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please state your former rank:
If you answered question 1 with yes, please provide evidence of your stated rank (screenshots, etc):
Are you a SAPA or PC member:no

What is roleplaying:Playing and simulating real life
What is deathmatching:playing to death I guess
State three server rules (F1):7/10
Are you allowed to deathmatch:I don't really know what is that

What are your English skills out of 1 to 10: 9/10
What are your driving skills out of 1 to 10: 7/10
What are your shooting skills out of 1 to 10: 7/10
What are your role-play skills out of 1 to 10: 5/10
What are your strengths:A good speaker and got hard mind when I follow criminals never leave them alone
What are your weaknesses:I most of the times kill criminals insted of arrest when it's really hard to capture

Scenario One:
You are the agent-in-charge of a patrol unit which includes you and two other agents. You are informed of an ongoing store robbery and there are no other units available for back up. How would you successfully resolve the store robbery.
EXPLAIN HERE:well if we are three agents 12 armed criminals we I would make 1 snipe
And when the number decreases to 8 we charge
At them from 2 different way really quickly while they are bussy with the sniper

Scenario Two:
You are the leader of an assault on a suspected criminal base being used for drug distribution. You are in charge of an assault team (armed with M4s and combat shotguns), a backup team (armed with M4s and combat shotguns) and a recon team (armed with sniper rifles).

The fence around the base is protected by four armed criminals. Inside the base, there are a further three armed criminals. How would you secure the base?
EXPLAIN HERE:first I let the snipers shot them and whille they are shooting we move and try to break in and the support team will charge from the opposite way so we confuse them

Scenario Three:
An armed FBI Unit is called to a hostage situation to a building nearby to the Los Santos Police Department. Two criminals had attempted to rob a fast food restaurant but police had arrived during the robbery.
As a result, they have taken an old woman hostage and are barricaded inside. The two-armed criminals are young and very nervous.
You have access to the same squads as in scenario two. How would you diffuse/ deal with the situation?
EXPLAIN HERE:there are two ways
1:we should try to negotiate with them (roleplay way)
2:snipers we could use snipers to kill the guy near the hostage and arrest the other

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