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  • You should confirm your bet before the last hour of the match day. In order to confirm your bet contact one of the Bet Services in game. Click on this link and check the members of the Bet Services.

  • You have to bet at least $500,000. No bet limit

  • You are not allowed to talk with any of the teams having a match which you are betting for. Any type of scams will end up in a ban from all Lounge activities and a report to the SAES Staff.

  • No one except Lounge Employees can confirm your bet. Thus, do not give your money to someone outside the Lounge. Check out our official roster or visit our discord for more information.

  • You can't cancel your bet once it has been confirmed.

  • You can not change your bet details after its confirmation. However, you can make a second bet.

  • You have 4 days' period to take your bet price from our Lounge Employees. After 4 days your bet price will be canceled and calculated into company stocks. So, do not approach us after 4 days to pick your winnings.

  • Always make screenshots when you send your money. Usually it takes us 1 to 12 hours to confirm your bet on the topic. We're humans, remember that! If it may take longer feel free to contact any Lounge Employee for the status.

  • If a team decides not to participate in the match one day before, we will straight cancel it and the match will not be recorded. You will be fully refunded and you shouldn't expect us to declare other team as a winner and pay you the prize.

  • The ODDS change whenever someone bets. We will not present the odds until the match has concluded. It is your responsibility to bet smart on a team.

  • We will not be responsible if you end up losing money by betting a lot on a favored team. You should bet smart if you want to win big

  • You are a professional gambler. Do not cry for your money if you lose the bet. That is on you! Not on us.

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  • If the team doesn't show up in time they will have to pay 10.000.000$ penalty and the results will be counted as a direct win for the opponent team.

  • Ping limit for participants from EU is 200, and for the rest of the world is 250. However, we are not responsible for ping changes in the middle of the match.

  • On the round start any team or team member that approach to the other team and come back to their base (just so their blips are staying visible for the entire round) will be directly disqualified.

  • Host Services have rights to change/stop the match according to the situation.

  • You can still bet if you are playing, but only on your team to win. The rule decreases the scam risk.

  • Don't even try to sell the game. Any type of scams will end up in a ban from all Lounge activities and a report to the SAES Staff.

  • Any kind of retarded actions or rage will end up in a disqualification and the game will be count as 3-0 lose.

  • The whole team has to be spawned as the same class/color. Additionally, getting use of "hitbox" advantage of the skins are not permitted.

  • Last round means last round, attacker will still attack and defender will still defend.

  • Substitutions are allowed only after each round end.

  • You can not transfer/invite someone in your Gang/Squad 1 week before the match. Your team has to consist of 5 players being in the same Gang/Squad. Exceptions are if registered as an official team with substitutes.

  • You have to make an official agreement as a Team in order to take part in Lounge Matches. If you are participating without the contract, you will not receive your winnings after the match.

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