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FoxZilla's LWS Events


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alt metni

Hello everyone, welcome to my LWS topic. I will post events to here.

Informations about me:

My name is Mert I'm playing since 2011. I started the game with my brothers. I really experienced from my old organizations. But I wasn't popular too much also players didn't know me because I was a child and I didn't know English enough my brothers were helping me. After a while, I went to inactivity in 2015 for 2 years or something like that. Then when I came to SAES as an active player my cousin started to play SAES. And We started to play as an active player together. After a while, I joined SWAT and some groups. Then I joined to JK. Now I'm trying to join LWS.

Why am I want to join LWS?

Everyone know LWS has diffrent abilities. They are diffrent. A lots of players wants to be LWS. Now I will give the answer of "why am I want to be LWS?". Firstly you are able to help the people everytime becuase everytime players need LWS. No one can make qualifield events like LWS so players always wants to do their events with LWS members. And I want to be part of these qualifield events as LWS. Also I like making builds and helping to people so it will be really enjoyable for me

Why you should invite me to LWS?

I'm playing in SAES Since 2011 and I have just 3 Adminjail since 2011. So I think it shows I'm not retarded. I'm trying to not break the rules. Also I'm ZIP so I have experience about building. And I'm selling my everything for become a LWS member. I'm spending my time,my money etc. When I see available LWS member, I immediately quit my job and I'm making an event. How can I show my interest more? I'm not unexperienced player about building. Also I'm not retarded and I have very big interest to LWS. So I think I'm fit to LWS.

My own maps and event types:
After a While I decided to make new things to show my difference. So I will make new maps for show my abilities and interest to LWS members/HQs. Also I will try to find new type events. And I will upload the maps cods to pastebin also I will upload the screenshots to imgur. And I will share them at this topic. Everything for LWS.
~Quality over Quantity

New Type Event(s) Maybe this events made before but I didn't see

  • Who wants to be millioner?

Hoster asks 10 question and every question has reward but if event participant don't say the true answer he loses the event and he can't take money but If the participant answers two questions correctly, he / she is deemed to have received the checkpoint, and if he loses the next questions, he or she receives the prize for the first two questions.

  • Rewards of who wants to be millioner

  1. Question: 50.000$

  2. Question: 75.000$

  3. Question: 125.000$

  4. Question: 175.000$

  5. Question: 250.000$

  6. Question: 350.000$

  7. Question: 500.000$

  8. Question: 650.000$

  9. Question: 800.000$

  10. Question: 1.000.000$

  • Find The True ATM

In this event, hoster hiding a basketball ball inside the ATM after that participants joins the event and they are selecting an ATM then who selects the ture ATM (s)he wins the event. You need to be lucky for win.

  • I'm The Nade Thrower

Participants throws a nade and who throws the grenade to farthest, (s)he wins the event.

  • I'm the Aim King

Hoster puts a few targets to a zone. After that participants throws a nade to targets and breaks the targets. Who made that event faster, (s)he wins. (Max 10 player can join because after one nade players must wait 10 secs and it will take a time so it should be with max 10 players)

  • Don't Stop

After LWS CD, participants are starting to run around with music and when the music turn off they will stop and if they don't stop when the music turns off they will lose event and they will kicked from event. By the time hoster able put objects to map for block the participants and hoster able throw nades by the time. Last one wins.

  • Time to be Curry / Basketball

In the map, there are 9 Tubes (3x3) players have 3 nades and they are trying to throw the nades to tubes and every tube have point in the first line tubes have 1 point and in the second line tubes have 2 point and in the last line tubes have 3 points. Who makes more point (s)he will win.

  • Break The True ATM

We are hiding a basketball ball inside an ATM then Participants Joining the event and waiting on a line. After LWS CD participants are starting to break the ATMs. Who finds the ATM which is on the Ball, (s)he wins.

  • Fantasy Room

There are 4 rooms in the mapping and in one room we put a Bed. Who enterce the room which is have bed, (s)he wins. They try to find the bedroom until the last person is left

  • Crazy Doors

Will be Added

New Map(s)

  • DD Zone

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/6QOI9o5
Map is basicly created for DD by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Find The True ATM

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/vHKrzQc
Map is basicly created for Find the true ATM by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • I'm the Aim King / I'm The Nade Thrower

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/zoK3OFr
Map is basicly created for I'm the Aim King and I'm The Nade Thrower by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Lucky Tube

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/bys2zL2
Map is basicly created for Lucky Tube by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Fallout

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/3MiGG3e
Map is basicly created for Fallout by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Don't Stop

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/Z3plJns
Map is basicly created for Don't Stop by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Time to be Curry / Basketball

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/voTDSb1
Map is basicly created for Time to be Curry by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Break The True ATM

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/6Z5kiGS
Map is basicly created for Break The True ATM by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

  • Crazy Doors

ScreenShot(s): https://imgur.com/a/uOb7QBZ
Map is basicly created for Crayz Doors by me. Maybe it can be used for diffrent events too

Event Format:

Event Number:
Event Type:
LWS Helper:

Event Archive:

Total number of hosted events: 105
Total money spent on events: 116.000.000$

Map(s) and Type(s) Archive:
Total Number of New Type Event(s): 9
Total Number of New Map(s): 9

Thanks for Reading.

Best Regards

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Small information: I wasnt have money for events now I sold some cars also I'm selling some props so I have some money for events. I'm going to post more events to here. Now I have 15m and I will use all of them for events.
FoxZilla is back!

Best Regards

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