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Type the name of the best player left the game


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~[ Remember that best players of saes
Please write the names of the best players but they left the game so we know which was the best in the eyes of everyone you can mention more than one name]~

             ~[ This is only for memory, and therefore we know that most of the players left a mark in the hearts of other players, although they left the game, but we still remember them  ]~(red)

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Kazzibo - <3 the one I owe the most. When I was a noob I used to play with some old friends from school just for a laugh, than 4 months after they all decided to leave (as they brought xbox 360's). So I was left on my own and had no idea what the fuck I was doing. So I started trying to make money by selling weapons. I remember spending ages to save up 100k to buy a shitty apartment in West Los Santos. Then saved up another 100k to buy a Banshee. Absolutely loved both the car and new apartment, not knowing what else there was. During my arms dealing time I met Kazzibo and started hanging with him. He explains how SAES works and he asks me to register onto the forums. We both got on well and he asked me to send him an application for B~B. So I did as I was so excited about joining one of these awesome gangs which i knew very little about. My application was discussed between the leaders and he told me the good news. I was tested and somehow passed.
Kazzibo was a great friend and a great mentor, he introduced me to some great people and after 2 years I got staff, thats how far I progressed my 'career' on SAES until I fucked it up. So if you ever read this Kazzibo, thank you very much!!.

Other very important people to me who dont play anymore (I have missed some people due to forgetting names):


My guys, you are all dearly missed!!

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@Joshbond said in Type the name of the best player left the game:

Ecko's brother who I cannot remember the name of @ESO any help here pls?

his name was Pegasus (there were 2 Pegasus's that time btw)


@Joshbond said in Type the name of the best player left the game:


it's Iramine*

as for my topic contribution there is a whole list of people i'd mention that i'v met during my 9 years career here, but if i have to name one it would be Freaky.
this guy changed me from a newbie trucker into the camel you see today, he chose to spend his time hanging out with the newbie i was, taught me the rules, introduce me to new people when i had no friends, trusted me into the -then- newly formed Black~Bullets generation 2, trusted me with fixing B~B in it's darkest days when we almost closed it, and lastly trusted me with the leadership of camels before he retired.

much love camel, hope i'd see you here again!

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@Zwolle said in Type the name of the best player left the game:

[ALT]E.y.a.d(lws) - old best lws

E.y.a.d is my cousin who introduced me to the game and i will let him know about this for sure ;)

As for me i personally really liked these people:

  • [MG]Karim: i still see him irl but i really miss no-lifing saes with him

  • [ThC]Assassin

  • Nemesis

  • Hesha

i remember helping [FOX]Abdallah back when he had horrible english and didn't know what RP was and now looking at the effect that he had on the community, im extremely proud !

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