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Beckham's Application For SAM


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  • ~[Section A: Personal Information:]~(lime)

Nickname: Beckham
Account name: yassin75
Age: 17
Primary Language: Arabic
Since when have you been playing on SAES:RPG: About 9 months
Current S/G/C and rank: ~[The_Company]~(8d7e7e) & Level 3
Other RP groups you're in:
~[1-The Motor Heads]~(4b8a08 )
~[3- San Andreas Pirate]~(20A296)
~[4-Cunning Stunts]~(orange)
~[5- InvestArms Corporation]~(gray)
~[6- Al-Munazama]~(873138)

Past groups you were involved in (Include reason for departure):
~[Cluckin_Bell]~(#c4a52b) I don't know the main reason but I was not active in the group at some point
Mention (with reason) about any past punishments you have received: get banne beacuse i play with multi-accounting when i was new in srever.

  • ~[Section B: General Questionnaire:]~(lime)

Describe SAM in your own words: (Not less than 30 words) San Andreas Medics, whose main role is to provide medical assistance to the people of San Andreas. This group consists of experienced doctors selected to provide quality medical services around San Andreas
What is the SAM motto? Always there when you need us most
Who founded SAM? Joe is the founder of this group San Andreas Medics
Who is the current leader? Mr. Marko
For how long have you been playing as a paramedic on the server?: I did not play much because of doing some activities for other groups and for the gang, but in the last few days I played as a paramedic after noticing that the number of killings increased
Mention one rule that applies to the "Paramedic" spawn: heal people who are injured and revive people who have died.
Mention one rule that applies to SAM Paramedic: You are not allowed to enter the SR and prevent you from helping criminals escape the cops
Can you ensure us certified periodic activity ?: I am sure I can do group activities because I am very active on the server, I play about 5-7 hours a day

^[alt text]

  • ~[Section C : Aptitudes:]~(lime)

1. How would you respond to criticism by a superior? I must respect all the criticisms made so as not to disobey my superiors, and to respect the new things or any decision they have made so that I can learn from my mistake and fix it.
2. Why exactly are you applying today? To be clear, I think I have gained enough experience now and I can do a lot for this group
3. What are your strengths and weaknesses? As for my main strengths, I am respectful to all San Andreas players, I am active and mature on the server, I have leadership skills and I am good at teamwork ... And certainly I have weaknesses like all people, including Lag sometimes.
4. Why should we accept you to our team? Because I am an active member on the server, and thanks to my experience I can help the group in all things including raising SAM activity on the server and the media archive, and I will be respected for all members

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alt text

Participants: @Morena
^[ ~Story~]

It was a normal day at the hospital, I was getting some rest in the office, I got a call from someone and said that he had an accident when he was on his way to Los Santos and he was badly injured and that he needed help, so I went from Las Venturas Hospital To the scene super fast

When I arrived, I found the man fell on the floor and came down from the ambulance with the treatment tools. To the rest room, until he slept there today, and when I returned to him the next day I saw him in good condition and improved.

^[** Screenshots:** https://imgur.com/a/4ruCAsm]

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