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The Pirus - Level 2 Application

The Pirus

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In 1969, the Pirus were created by teenagers from neighborhoods and young black men. The Pirus were a gang in Compton which spread. In 1969 with the Crip alliance made by smaller gangs, the Pirus also joined, making a large "set" of the Crips. At that time, there were various sets throughout the region of Los Santos, San Andreas. However, these sets were small groups of hustlers. In 1969, fifteen-year-old Raymond Washington started the Crips street gang with friends from his neighborhood on the East Side of South Central Los Santos. The Crips began to attack hustler groups and cliques in order to create a larger organization.
The Pirus soon joined with the Brims gang, a victim of the Crips attacks, and together in jail they created the Bloods, starting off at first as a way to address one another. Following this, new inmates entering the LS County Jail were asked by intake/deputies, "Who do you run with, the Crips or the Bloods? Those who were victimized by the Crips joined the Pirus and Brims and ran with the Blood identity, which is how the Blood gang was formed. The Bloods started in jail in LS County in 1974, and the Pirus and Brims both formed on the streets in 1972. They are easily identifiable by their blood colored bandanas and 90's "cholo" style clothing. The Pirus have a history of a traditional, intense, and bloody rivalry with the Crips aka the Northeners. The exact date for the start of gang war is unknown but the rivalry between the two gangs was in full swing as early as 1980. The Pirus is an extremely proud Mexican/Latino street gang, controlling Glen Park. They are the smallest gang in the city but are likely to be one of the most heavily armed and wisest gang in the district of Los Santos, giving them power over the other gangs. They also have many conflicts with the nearby Crips since their territories border near Idlewood. The Pirus are also enemies with the Crips and will attack Grove members on sight though the rivalry is not as intense as it is with the Crips and especially the Crips since the families are well away from their territory, and since they both share similar views on drug trafficking, for rent assassin and human trafficking. On the streets, they are either unarmed or armed with the 9mm Pistol or the Micro Uzi. Since they were seen carrying RPG, TEC-9 and katanas during their territory defense against Crips attack, it can be said they are actually better armed than the Crips. However the Crips outnumber them and have more territory while the Pirus are the smallest gang in Los Santos. Most probably these factors equalize their overall powers.

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The Pirus is a criminal organization founded by young black and some white people, In fact, with the aim of freedom of establishment and established to stand up against all corruption, a crime organization established in Los Santos to strengthen their neighborhood in an organization established an organization has been adopted. With the most ruthless and revenge power of all of Los Santos, the slogan ''FREE LIVE OR DIE HARD'' which is determined in all Los Santos, is the motto you can see on the walls in many of the gang streets they have identified. The Pirus is a gang that has made a lot of money illegally and gained a reputation around San Andreas outside Los Santos. They have announced their name in the newspapers many times about arms smuggling or gun shipment and they have clearly stated that they are confronting many gun barons, they have continued to make money on their weapons shipments without ever being caught by any federal official. Drug smuggling can actually be counted as the main objectives. Because a gang that actually produces the best drugs in Los Santos and sells to many gang teams around they have almost all the barons or drug manufacturers, which have produced all the drugs they use, and have erased them from this market. So far they have only failed once and have actually lost a large amount of drugs to the Los Santos Police teams, and this issue has been a major echo for the public. But after this unsuccessful task, they recovered and continued their sales. In the middle of the street is a gang known for the sudden death of many abandoned corpses or famous businessmen kidnap many businessmen or people who have a lot of money from reality and imprison them for ransom the money they earn is a large amount of real and many business people have executed without handing the family and they killed them, leaving their bodies unto their parents' doors. If you see red old Mexican pajamas or red bandanas on the streets of Los Santos, get away from them with no indication of them. Because they're planning to kill you.

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Date founded: 22.05.2019

Gang Panel: The_Pirus

Our Motto: Live Free or Die Hard

Tags: Pirus|Nick & 910|Nick

Media Archive: Click

Our Discord: Click

Gang color: #F7000A

Total Members: 14

Gang Level: 1

Current gang money: 50.000.000$

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Always respect Admins and the Server rules which are listed in F1.

Try to Roleplay as much as possible, as it fits us, like arms smuggler, drug smuggler, for rent assassin and human trafficking nor something other.

Please stay active at the Forums and also In-game, if you are going for a break, let it us know.

Always listen to the Leader and the HQ Team, never ignore them and respect them, and try to discuss something peacefully, do not act lice a cunt, as they only want the best for us.

If you are changing your Name, please let it us know, and mention it somewhere, so we know who you are.

Always try to help as much as you can, helping your family has the highest priority. Always work as a Team, try to do more stuff together.

Dont leave chains between you and the HQ.

Do not treat random Criminals or Trainees barefacedly, they are players like you, help them as they are not causing problems. Also always try to help beginners and think about it when you joined SAES, you also needed help, so dont ignore them.

Do not kill someone because he is in our Base, let him take what he needs and let him go. Our base is not a camping place or a chilling one.

Try to have a good relationship with your mates, once you found a problem between two some of them, try to solve it.

If you are leaving the gang, let is us know by a Forum Post or an Private Message to one of the Headquarters. If not, you will be immediately added to our blacklist.

Dont give random orders, it will be only harder for the HQ and Leader to handle it.

When you are Spawned as Cop, please remove Pirus Tags and change your Name.

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  • Grade 5

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  • Grade 3

  • Grade 2

  • Grade 1

  • Grade 0

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^[alt text]

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Section I : General things.

Ingame name :

Account name :

Nationality :

Spoken Languages :

How long have you been playing Multi Theft Auto ? :

How long have you been playing SAES RPG ? :

Any bans before? ( if yes state the reason ) :

Previous organisations ( G/S ) :

Current groups :

Section II : Specific things.

Describe your roleplay character history within 150 words ( less or more but we want to see 150 words ) :

Why do you want to join us? ( Your words are very important in this question, we want to see your words specific. ) :**

Why should we accept you ? ( You words are very important in this question too, we want to see same as above. ) :

Describe The Pirus in your own words :

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We wanted to list all the activities and subjects that are renewed and updated;

  • Application questions and member list successfully changed

List of activations prepared;

  • The numbers of activities published in the Media archive have indicated below:

alt text
Roleplay: ( 99 ) Our main goal is to increase the number of Roleplays to 100 or more.
alt text
Event: ( 76 ) Our main goal is to increase the number of Events to 80 or more
alt text
Activity: ( 116 ) Our main goal is to increase the number of Activities to 125 or more
alt text
Street Wars: ( 9 ) In order to create different activities, we have just started street wars in Los Santos.

Pirus family continues to advance its activities on a regular schedule, we are grateful to all who support and help us in everything.

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Banners and member list updated.


Activity issues resolved, inactive or problematic members cleared.

We increased the importance given mostly to Roleplay and Activity. The specified Roleplay and Activity numbers have been brought to the desired number.

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