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SAES By-Election Results


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Hallo again, just a quick one for those of you that are keen to know the end result for the elections!

Over the past 3 days, we hosted a by-election for the 2 seats that were equally contested. These were:

  • SF North/Bayside

  • North Venturas

The results are as follows:

SF North/Bayside
With 111 of the casted votes, your senator for SF North/Bayside will be George Wood (@Bozi ) of the Democratic Republicans!

North Venturas
With 117 of the casted votes, your senator for North Venturas will be Youssef Esshaed (@MArk ) of the Democratic Republicans!

In conclusion, that leaves the seat layout as followed:


  • Democratic Republics - 6 Seats

  • Youth Party - 3 Seats

  • AKP - 2 Seats

  • TSAC - 1 Seat

  • Independent - 1 Seat

This therefore puts the government into a minority government as Youth Party only holds 18% of the available seats.

Again, may we take this chance to wish the winning government and all successful candidates the best luck for the next 4 months. If there are any concerns, please don't hesitate to contact @Daryl and @Jay.


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