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SAFA - San Andreas Flight Academy


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We are happy to be the first flight academy on this server !

To apply please ask Xhamster or Darude

alt text

~[This is how your application format should look like!]~(red)
Application for SAFA
In-game name:

Account name:



Country of residency:

From how long are you playing SAES:

Since when are you playing GTA:SA

How well do you speak English?:

What all languages can you speak other than English?:

Tell us something about yourself:

List few of your strengths and weaknesses:

Are you in any group If yes, Name them and also name your previous groups and reason to leave them:

Have you been ban or warned by any admin in the last 1 year if yes, Explain Why?

Why do you want to join SAFA ?:

What can you offer SAFA ?:

What do you expect in return from SAFA ?

Do you agree to follow all the F1 rules and SAFA rules?:

Who are SAFA founders?:

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