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Fire Academy Application - Hassan - 9/8/2019 [DENIED]

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Section 1 - Non-RP Information

Nickname: hassan

Username: Pirus|Hassan

Old nickname/Other used names ingame: n/a

Age: 15

Gender: male

Current G/S

How long have you been a member of your current g/s and what is your rank? i have been 2 month in The Pirus gang and my rank is HQ

Current groups: DZTG

Previous SAES ban(s)/kick(s)/punishment(s) and why did you received them: N/A

Will you have enough time to learn in the evening (at the course)? Yes Sure.

Tell us something about yourself: My name is Hassan and i have 15 years old and i like playing MTA ( Saes) and i am not nervous and i live in egypt , and i like to play on my PC all games and i have 1 brother and i like people and i like to help them in any time and i feel happy when i help any one.

Section 2 - Questions

Do you understand that joining the academy of San Andreas Fire Department doesn't give you any rank or anything that will make you better than other people? yes i am understand

Do you understand that you will have to be in a fire fighting course for more than a month? yes i am understand

Do you understand the rules of the academy and the rules of San Andreas Fire Department? yes i am understand

Do you understand that you will have to learn and to pass writing tests in order to pass the course? yes i am understand

Section 3 - Detailed Profile

What are your strengths? My skills : i like play with my team it nice and help us for life , and Driving all cars , and i like help all people in any tie they call me for helping and i like to see all people happy .

What are your weaknesses? some lags

Why do you want to join the SAFD? bec it a good group and i want clear all SA of damage and help all people in SA and this group may be like my life bec i like to help my people in my life and it will learn us some things to help people with it .

Why do you want to join the academy? bec i want learn some things to help my family and all people and i it will learn me good to clear all SA not ingame only no its in game and in my real life it will help me to clear my country and i rlly hope to join it for helping people its very nice to help any one need and i like play with my team.

What specialization would you like to learn within the academy? Fireman bec i like it and i wanna help with it

^[alt text]

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^[alt text]

Roleplay: Deal gangs and Firs Cars
Description of roleplay: At the night we was patroling around SA and it was amazing thing we listened gang will do deal with truker in LV-LS and after that we got the car fireman and we went to this place we saw the men talking and have 2 cars and and i listened they was talking about the money and weapons after that he man gang has been nervous but idk whyand he got his weapons and he killed the truker man and he damaged the truker car but the truker car damage the man gang car too when it boom! we waited like 5 min and we listned the police is coming to this place to arreste them but we fastes got our car and we off the fire and i talked with the man gangs in some things and he was want go to his base gang bec the police was coming to him and the police was want arreste him we said to him what happened but he fast run to his base gang and its was a nice day.

Location: LS-LV
Participants: @Toolbox - @Disaster - @Avanger
Screenshots: https://postimg.cc/gallery/2rdkvfhqg/

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Roleplay #2
Roleplay type: Training Course
Description of roleplay (minimum 3 sentences): On a daily basis we run through buildings on fire, we climb obstacles, that shouldn't be climbed. We do this, to keep the citizens of San Andreas safe. Every single firefighter should be proud of themselves, and what they do for this country. Our job as firefighters is tough, it requires a lot of physical and mental strength. To keep these factors up to date, we need to keep ourselves in condition, and today we did that by running through our training course.
Location: LVFD
Participants: Hassan - @Toolbox - @Riley - @Ramos - @MrTheBank - @Ntruder - ((@Howlze )) - Devenoid - @Freezom @Spicey
Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/1mEmkzw

^[alt text]

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Roleplay type: Trash Fire at Grave Yard

Description of roleplay: We've been dispatched about trash fire at LS Grave Yard. LSFD responded with 2 fire engines and 1 battalion car. SAFD firefighters and cadets have put out the fire, then they searched for any possible suspicious stuff. At the end, we found burnt out M16 gun, briefcase, and a gas can. So, we found out that was an arson and we dispatched police immediately and gave them all the evidence we found. The police took the case from here.

Location: Los Santos, Grave Yard

Participants: @Ramos - @JohnnyEnglish - @DJO - @Bangas - @Hassantt - @Spicey - @Freezom

Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/BeSVsM9

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San Andreas Fire Department
HQ Team

24th August, 2019

Applicant, @Hassantt

Thanks for applying for San Andreas Fire Department, after discussing with the rest of HQ team, we have decided to not proceed with you, unfortunately you have been DENIED at this time. However that doesn't mean you cannot join SAFD, you can hang around with us, and if you're enough active and show off effort towards the group, you might get chance.

alt text

Kind regards,
SAFD Assistant Chief,

  • Ramos

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