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Ingame name: Satan_Jr
Username: Asuki
Country of Residence and Nationality: french france
Spoken Languages: french and litlle speak english
Age: 17 years
Date of the beginning of your SAES career: i start 3 years ago
Previous organisations and the reason why you left or got kicked out:

Write an introduction about yourself personally and your in-game character of 150 to 200 words:
My username is Asuki my gamename is Satan_Jr i have 17 years i play lot of Gta San Role-play i am from france i hang lot of wiht Satanas And Poodlyz ,i Started SEAS in 2016, thanks to Satanas he said to join COMPANY , i love money and kill ennemies in turf an love Bank robery alt text

"Things are more complicated than you think" The Company

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