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Tunisian Revolutionary Organization - TRO


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^[Note: This is a group you don't need to leave your current G/S/C to join our fields]
^[alt text]

^[alt text]
^[We are group made of tunisians that are immigrating to SA or people that are inspired by the tunisian nationality, we keep in ourselves the love our mother country and work to bring a justice to each human been with the blood inside SA even if it will be over our freedom as we valuate the dignity of the nation and origin more than anything.]

^[alt text]
^[The Tunisian Revolution Organization or TRO as an abbreviation consists of three meaningful words as the following : ]

  • Tunsian : and it comes from Tunisia the name of our nation and origin and the reason we are reunited, and Tunisia comes on different descriptions about the origin of the naming which we don't really get into it.

  • Revolutionary : From Revolution and the word that means politically going out of the normal of the current beliefs/situations as we wanna go out of the normal by creating an order that gives each of our followers his justice

  • Organization : Nothing to say here except that it describes our union and order as a group of people.

^[alt text]

^[Orgin and Starts]
^[We were born in the middle of the old dictatoriaship led by our ex-president "Ben Ali" most of us were those going to the streets to share the common voice and protest againt that order or sharing opinions on the net to trigger that hidden believe in a new start inside the tunisians and their soul which was finally blessed by the 14 January revolution and the start of the new era, tho we had no name that time and not even an organized roster]
^[Role after the revolution]
^[After the revolution we had nothing except entering the political life or keeping a side with the press which wasn't really interesting for some of us that joined the normal routine of life and left our fields, we started first with a political party that was called "The Tunisians" but it failed after the elections before of lake of interest from our part as we looked for something bigger than that, which can feed our hunger to the change and that came with the beginning of 2018]
^[The USA Idea]
^[On June 2018 Med decided to go on a trip to the USA for simple touristic reasons and he was accompanied by zei his best friend where they took the direction of San Andreas one of the biggest states, they were surprised by the number of tunisians there but mostly by the way they were treated and ignored by the goverment, some of them had papers that allow his presence but the majority didn't which caused them to live in fear, sites triggered that old soul that any of us had before the 2011 revolution and which was the reason of our creation]

^[Back to Tunisia]
^[After a month Med & Zei were both back to Tunisia and started regrouping their old friends again for a bigger mission that will be in the future our organization's main goal and it is giving the justice to the tunisians on the lands of god whatever and whoever were the leaders of it, Med spend months ensuring the undertanding of each member of what he is about to do, a mission that can be the end of your life as we are facing a nation that is counted as one of the most powerful if not the most of em, although everyone was surely ready for the upcoming events]

^[Arriving to SA]
^[At the start of 2019 Med and many of his members had the opportunity for an easy Visa access to the states under touristic reasons with the ignorance of everyone that it's a trip without going back, tho the majority easily got it's access to the american lands some couldn't which obliged them to enter illegaly or by fake identities, Indeed the group that was created in Tunis got reunited in SA]

^[The Official Start]

^[After arriving Med & Zei organized the group in order to escape the police agents and have a safe hideout with a place for meetings each week to ensure the security of everyone, after a while they started their attacks on the most important sites in SA especially in Los Santos as it was the capital of SA, Fire inside the police departements / Open cells in jail / Riot inside the streets caused the nation to react and considere them as a terrorist group, therefor Med knew it's time fo ra name to the public and for other people to find their way in and it was TRO - Tunisian Revolutionary Organization a name that SA with it's Departements should fear]

^[alt text]

Criminal Activities Related to freedom: Including raiding the Jail or PDs
Criminal Activities Related to Income: As an Illegal Organization we will need to get cash and that allows us to join SRs/BRs or any other dealing activity
Celebrating Everything Related to our nation: As simple as the expression and even if we reach riot in the streets

^[alt text]
Name : Tunisian Revoltionary Organization
Tag : TRO - Member|TRO
Budget: Classified
Color : #910704

Motto: In the face of repression we are standing, live Tunisia -

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/wJPtNry
Base & Properties: Soon

^[alt text]

President : As any organization we have a leader and it's the president but our group has an awesome addition to the groups systems which we are unique to have and it's the electoral system, in order to have a president he will be promoted by the members themselves as they will need to vote for one of the hqs

HQs : The organizers of the groups and the leaders of it, and probably future president of it

Veteran / Kbayer: He is an old member of the organization and the closest for an hq rank

Soldier: Those with the right to wear the group tags and what we call the members and they are divided to two parts :

  • Tunisians : Those born as tunisians and lived in tunisia or have the same knowledge

  • New Tunisians : Those who got the Immigrante Tunisian Rank in the recruitement process

Wannabes: Divided to

  • Tunisian WB: Tunisians with the origin that are looking for a way into our group

  • Immigrante Tunisian: Those who got the right to become wannabes after the first recruitement stage for non-tunisians

^[alt text]

Filex (Currently Temporary As we didn't have elections yet)




  • Tunisians :

  • New-Tunisians


  • Tunisians

  • Immigrante Tunisians

Honorary Tunisian (Tunisians that are unable to join us)


^[alt text]

^[Our Recruitement Process is a bit complicated as the group on it's first creation was meant only for tunisians but since it will be classified as discrimination the hq team decided to bring a way for Non-Tunisians to join and that will be suitable for the RolePlay Wisedom that we have Indeed for those Tunisians first you will need to fullfill the following Application ]

Tunisians Application:

**Nickname :**
**Username :**
**Age :**
**Describe Our Role in 1 sentence :**
**Make a paragraph about yourself and your saes career in [100-300 words minimum] :**

Non Tunisians Application Process:

^[You will need to fullfill 2 application one that will be answered and it will say if you will be able to fullfill the 2nd or no, and the first is basically an application for the tunisian nationality or atleast our agreement on your presence as a tunisian immigrante, Indeed first of all :]

^[alt text]

In Order to have the tunisian nationality you will need to agree on the following terms :

  • You won't be able to insult in any way the tunisian nation or anything that is followed by it (jokes can be accepted depending on context as we tunisians do it)

  • You will need to accept the beliefs that the tunisians have not believe in it but respect it in any form or way

  • For the tradition you will need to know the tunisian capital and nation enthym anthem name

If you have read that then now the application format :

**Nickname :**
**Username :**
**Age :**
**Do you agree on the terms :**
*If yes :*
* What is the tunisian capital :
* What is the tunisian national anthem name
**Will you be proud of having the nationality :**

If you get accepted you will be marked on discord as "Immigrante Tunisian" and you will be able to full-fill
the following format which is simple:

**Describe Our Role in 1 sentence :**
**Make a paragraph about yourself and your saes career in [100-300 words minimum] :**

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Nickname : xDarkMan|MZ
Username : freezer13
Age : 17
Do you agree on the terms : Yes
If yes :

  • What is the tunisian capital : Tunis

  • What is the tunisian national anthem name : Humat Al-Hima
    Will you be proud of having the nationality : Yes

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@xDarkMan after discussing with the hq team and the responsible of tunisian nationalities rights we are happy to announce that your request is Accepted and you can finish to the next stage if you like so

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