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Clandestine Mob - Level 1 Application


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  • ~[NOTE:]~(red) Please do NOT reply in this topic unless you are a part of Clandestine Mob HQ Team or a SAES GM/Member.
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    "Confidence is silent, Insecurities are loud."


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Clandestine Mobs is an underground organization was founded by Tony C. Franzo and John Moretti who used to serve together in the army in world war two. after the war they went back to Italy, they both received medals of honor for fighting bravely at the war.
In Italy, Tony struggled to get along with his family after being a cold , quick-tempered and irritable person so his started boxing in order to make some money and cope with the traumatic events he been through at the war. After John heard rumors about America. he consulted with Tony about going there. Franzo accepted since he had nothing to lose. they both went to America hoping they could start a new life there.
In America, they both struggled very hard to make a living until Tony met John Caifano who was a high-ranking member of the Chicago Outfit who was impressed by Tony's bold character, cleverness, and story so he made Tony one of his small circle and personal consultor, and accountant.
In the meantime, John started selling weapons in order to make money which got him arrested but they couldn't find any evidence to charge him with. John was desperate and needed money so he started to work for mobsters who used John to do the dirty work for them like assassinating and kidnapping executives which made him quite a bit of money.
Over the years they both learned more and more about how organized crime works. Tony learned a lot about money laundry, politics, politicians and cops and how they work. John had sufficient knowledge about drugs, weapons market to take his first steps in the crime world.
They both had a strong ambition and cupidity to take over the crime world so they both decided to combine their knowledge and work together. after meeting with Genovese Family they went to San Francisco. they had just enough money to purchase a portion of the El Cortez Casino for $200,000.
Tony and John started spreading over San Francisco crime world and started gaining reputation and were known as "The Gilded Foxes" for their cleverness. they started making their own moves and started doing arson, extortion, and murder by that they have been able to extort the portions of the other owners.
The Gilded Foxes were very determined and independent on their business and never settled for what they had and always wanted more and more that's why they started building their own Empire. they brought from Italy very trusted ex-soldiers who served with them back in the war. they built a professional mob consisted of ex-soldiers, accountants, killers, politicians, and cops under the name of Clandestine Mobs.
Clandestine Mobs started taking over Vegas. bought more business, enterprises, started lending money to other organization as debts with interest rate from 20% to 60% depending on the time and amount. Clandestine was known for their harsh policy payments and their words "You don't want us owing you" and started suborning and bribing the cops. Clandestine was only getting bigger and bigger.
The Lanza family were irate that Clandestine is disseminating and spreading. so they planned a raid hitting Clandestine's business and vaults to take them down. The Lanza family succeed to rob four of six vaults. John has been shot but he survived.
After the heist, everyone thought it's over for Clandestine even John thought that they wouldn't be able to take over again but Jess had a plan, he wanted to make an alliance with Lanza Family. The Lanza Family agreed to make a pact with them. The agreement says, The Lanza could keep the vaults and the money and to never attack the Clandestine again and work together.
twenty-six days after the pact were enough for Tony to get sufficient man to attack all of Lanza's bases, businesses. The Gilded Foxes wiped out Lanza Family and literally killed every single one of them. The bodies they buried that day, laid the foundation of what Clandestine Mobs is now.
Tony realized he had to start a legal business to put as a cover for Clandestine Mob. He founded books company under the name of the "Caputo Books" and started his way to be a public figure known to be an author as and joined politics while running Clandestine secretly. after 3 years of politics, Tony was elected to be the 35th mayor of the City and County of San Francisco.
Clandestine Mob was formed to perfectly run the business in San Francisco under the cover of the books company. Clandestine divided their income from loansharking, drug producing, narcotics and buying enterprises businesses to be one of the most powerful organizations.
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Producing & Transporting Drugs: We do not product huge amounts of drugs, but make enough for specific people, and we transport them for free.
Money laundering: We basically launder the money that is coming from our illegal businesses, and we do that for other gang with receiving an extra fee.
Extortion for money: We extort important persons in the government that we have danger documents on them, we usually do that for money but sometimes for a favor.
Loan sharking: We loan amounts of cash for the big companies and we receive the double of the amount loaned as a pay back.
Participating in politics: By funding political parties to influence a particular ideologies or declarations on the government of San Andreas.
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Gang name in panel: Clandestine_Mob
Gang HQ Team: Jesse, Noisyboy & Evan.
Gang Level: 0
Gang Value: 50.000.000$
Gang Tags: C|Name / C-H|Name for associates/helpers.
Gang Motto: "Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud."
Recruitment Status: ~[OPEN]~(lime)
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Executive Team
Executives is the highest category of the pyramid. composed of businessmen work as a legal front layer of the organization.

Managers are simply responsible for controlling and administering the other lower ranking categories of the organization.

Are like a captains in a military units in charge of managing the Mobsters.

Are ex soldiers who fought in the war and were born to fight and live underground.

They are basically helpers, not mafia members yet but they assist with various criminal enterprises.
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  • Jesse

Vice Leader:

  • Noisyboy


  • Evan



  • Pump


  • LayLow

  • Ganja

  • Karma

  • Barry

  • Pearl

  • Filex

  • Zei

  • Richard

  • Flappy

  • Brooks

  • Kyrat

  • Kar69x

  • Lixil

Total Members: 17
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Drug factory:
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alt text
alt text
Loan Store:
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RANCH Clothing Store:
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Requirements: Must be 15 years old at least. / Must be aware of every single rule listed in F1. / Must speak understandable English so we could communicate.
Application format:

  • In-game name:

  • Account name:

  • Age:

  • English proficiency (?/10):

  • Previous organizations (state the reason of getting kicked/ leaving):

  • Previous punishments & reasons:

  • How can you benefit the organization:
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